How to Correct Your Sitting Posture to Prevent Back Pain

Do you often experience back pain, especially after sitting for a long time? This is probably caused by incorrect sitting posture.

The good news is, we’re about to help you with this. Even better, correcting your sitting posture is easier than you might think.

First, we’ll teach you the correct way to sit, especially while working at a computer. In addition, we’ll explain some spine exercises and how to set up your workspace to allow proper posture.

Whether you work from home or in an office, proper posture is the key to preventing back pain. Use these tips to fix your posture while sitting.

1. Keep Your Back Straight

The most important aspect of proper sitting posture is keeping your back straight. If you notice yourself slouching, stretch out your back (arching back, not forward).

As you return to a sitting position, keep your spine straight. Hold this position the entire time you are sitting. If you’re used to slouching, this will take a lot of effort at first.

Also, anytime you feel you need to give your back a rest, don’t slouch forward again. Instead, stand up and do some healthy back stretches. Don’t forget, when you sit back down, to keep your spine straight. A expert Townsville Physio reminds us that there is plenty of ergonomic furniture available that helps maintain proper posture while sitting for ling periods.

2. Keep Your Elbows at a 90-Degree Angle

If your keyboard is too high or too low, it puts strain on your wrists and arms while typing. Then, you might bend your back out of shape to make your arms more comfortable.

Adjust the height of your seat so that your elbows stay in a 90-degree L-shape.

3. Get a Better Setup For Your Workspace

If you find that the above steps are not possible with your current workspace setup, update it. Find an office chair and/or desk that are the proper height and that help keep your back straight.

4. Do Spine Exercises

There are also exercises you can do to relieve back pain. Some of these exercises you can do at home after work. You can even get specialized equipment for at-home physical therapy/posture correction.

There are other spine exercises you can do right from your desk. These stretches help fix the curvature of your spine, which relieves pain and allows for proper posture.

5. Consult With a Chiropractor

If these steps don’t fix your posture or back pain, you may need professional help. Consult with a professional chiropractor.

He/she will determine whether your specific spine issue is simply bad posture or something more complicated. Then, you will receive personalized tips for your condition.

Keep Your Sitting Posture Correct All Day Long With These Steps

End your chronic back pain once and for all. Correct your sitting posture and keep it correct all day with the steps above. Also, please share this post with your coworkers to help them out as well.

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