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How to Build a Mother In Law Suite: Key Considerations

Are you thinking about building a mother-in-law suite on your property?

If your parents are getting to the age of needing a little more help, moving them to your property can be a great idea. It’s a good compromise between them staying in their home and moving into an assisted living facility.

While building a mother-in-law suite can come with many benefits, it’s also a big project to take on. Whenever you remodel or add to your home you are risking taking on a project that can easily spiral out of control.

Fortunately, building the perfect space for your family doesn’t have to be a frustrating and complicated process. By considering a few factors and using a few best practices, you can begin your project knowing you will have a great result.

If you are thinking of building a mother-in-law-suite but aren’t quite sure where to start, this short and simple guide is for you.

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Local Laws and Codes

The first step to take when building accessory dwelling units on your property is to look at the local laws and codes. You need to understand the zoning laws, building codes, required permits, and more. Skipping this step will lead to an illegal build, which can result in serious consequences for your family.

Your Parent’s Current and Future Needs

One factor to consider before building a mother-in-law suite is the current and future needs of your parents. Will your parents eventually need to be in an assisted living facility or can they stay in their home for the rest of their life? Knowing these needs will help you build a space that will meet your needs for years to come.

Creating the Ideal Floor Plan

Whether you are planning to add on to your home or build a separate space on your property, you will have to create a floor plan. Consider the needs of your parents and the functional use of the space. The floor plan can make or break the entire build so consider hiring an expert for help.

If you are house hunting you can also include a space for family in your hunt.

Setting the Right Budget 

One of the major factors to consider when building guest houses is your budget. A construction budget is essential to make sure your project doesn’t end in a drained bank account. Sit down with your contractors and make sure to create a reasonable budget for your build.

Ongoing Expenses

One thing you must consider is the ongoing maintenance expenses for the new build. While you are adding livable space and increasing the home resale value, you are still creating an added expense for your family. Make sure you know what you are getting into before adding on to your home.

Consider These Factors When Building a Mother-in-Law Suite

By considering these factors for building a mother-in-law suite, you can create an ideal space for your family.

Start by understanding your local laws and codes. You should also create the ideal floorplan and set the right budget. Make sure you consider the ongoing expenses associated with maintaining the suite.

Consider these factors before you start a new build on your property.

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