Gibraltar Rocks! Top 3 Things to See and Do in Gibraltar

Visting Gibraltar? Looking for somewhere unique to visit off the Mediterranean coast? The rock of Gibraltar is the key that unlocks the Med, with amazing views out to the African continent and acres of bright blue water before you – but it’s not all about the views. These three top tourist attractions are just the beginning of a glorious adventure in Gibraltar.

Magnificent Europa Point

At the rock of Gibraltar’s most southerly point, you will find the impressive and historic Trinity Lighthouse. Built in the 19th century, it stands as an iconic piece of British design and engineering transported to the mouth of the Mediterranean. From here you can view Africa in the distance, as well as excellent views across the Algeciras Bay.

There is more than the lighthouse to be discovered at Europa Point. It is a sacred site, with both the old chapel of the Shrine of Our Lady of Europe (Nuestra Señora de Europa) and the Mosque of The Custodian of the Holy Mosques. Both of these religious sites help to tell the rich and diverse history of Gibraltar and the people who have lived there.

Cheers to Gibraltar

The perfect pitstop on an afternoon exploring Gibraltar, the Gibraltar Distillery Company provides an ideal opportunity to soak in some of the sights and history of the rock of Gibraltar. Their Gibraltar Distillery Tour runs every weekday, and you can find the Gibraltar Gin Distillery at Grand Casemates Square, the site of a British-made barracks built in 1817.

The Gibraltar Gin Tour is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the rock, giving people a taste of the history of British overseas territory and some top-quality Gibraltar gin tasting. More than good old British gin is on offer, with rum and whisky also on the tasting menu. Each is inspired by tales from Gibraltar’s history, giving visitors a blend of unique tastes and inspiring stories. To find out more, visit

A Car Ride to the Clouds

No trip to Gibraltar is complete without reaching its peak. From here you can see two continents stretch out before you, with the coast of Africa visible across the Mediterranean and Spain and the rest of Europe in the other direction. To reach the Upper Rock area, you need to take the Cable Car and enjoy one of Gibraltar’s most famous attractions.

The journey from the bottom of Red Sands Road to Upper Station is one of the best ways to see the rock of Gibraltar itself, instead of the amazing views you can take in from it. When you reach the ‘Top of the Rock’ you will find more to do than just reach the peak. The Upper Rock Nature Reserve is home to the only wild monkeys in Europe, the famous Barbary macaques, and St Michael’s Cave; a system of tunnels used by Allied Forces in World War II.

These attractions are just the tip of the iceberg, or the top of the rock! There is plenty more to see and do in Gibraltar, making it more than just a day out. You can spend a week or more discovering everything the rock has to offer, isn’t it time to make the trip and see for yourself?

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