Garage Sale Finds to the US: How to Ship Your Unique Treasures Safely

One man’s trash really is another man’s treasure. What one person might discard or overlook could be precious or useful to someone else. In an evolving world like today, disposing and making money from garage sale finds, or any other unique treasure has been made easy. People all over the world are taking advantage of the online market platforms to sell such unique treasures. For example, a person in the UAE might want to sell their unique vintage furniture or jewellery to a person in the US. The seller is required to send parcel to US through shipping.

Shipping unique treasures can be a bit tricky and might require to be handled with extra care.

Below are some of the measures that one should consider ensuring that your parcel has been delivered safely.

1. Proper Packaging

Pack your products safely to avoid breaking and damage during shipping. Improper packaging can jeopardize your shipment, so it is important that you follow packaging instructions.

Risks of improper packaging

  • shipping delays
  • cover claim rejection
  • Damage of goods
  • Improper handling of merchandise
  • Negative feedback from the recipient

Basic fundamentals tips for packaging

  • Be aware of the state of the product that you are shipping; that is, is it delicate, or does it require special handling?
  • Choose suitable boxes and containers – choose rigid boxes and containers that perfectly fit the size of your product. Avoid using tone, damaged, and weak boxes as they may not withstand the scrupulousness involved in shipping.
  • Wrap fragile material separately; consider wrapping fragile and docile products individually. Wrap your unique treasures with materials such as -:
  1. Bubble wraps provide cushioning and protect the product from impact caused during shipping.
  2. Moldable foams – The fill-in space adapt the shape of the item and forms a cover.
  3. Polythene sheet – This is excellent for giving protection to light products
  4. Polythene padding – This helps in resisting impact during transportation.
  5. Corrugated cardboard – Can be used as a screen between the product and the outer packaging.
  • Close up the box and seal it up with high-quality tape; you need to make sure that the items are immovable inside the box. Seal it with plenty of adhesive tape, which is durable, pressure-sensitive and water-activated.
  • Address your parcel: make sure your parcel is addressed correctly. If your parcel is fragile, indicate so on all the sides of the box. Incorrect mislabeling of your parcel can cause all sorts of problems, from delay, damage and even loss.

2. Choose the Right Shipping Method for your Unique Treasure

After making sure that your treasure is perfectly packed, choose the right courier for your product. This keeps costs down and ensures that the parcel arrives at its destination without damage and at the right time. When choosing a courier service, seek out reviews, experience, and positive feedback from previous clients. You can visit each courier’s website and decide which serves you best. Experienced and licensed couriers are more likely to be familiar with international shipping regulations.

3. Get Tracking Information

A shipping company or a courier that offers tracking information can be trusted as it provides assurance of the status and location of your parcel. After getting this unique tracking number, you can track your unique treasure in the comfort of your house. View the siege master or main web of the shipping company you used to ship your package. Look for “Track Your Order” option on their home page, and you will get the full information and location of your unique treasure.

4. Prohibited and Restricted Items

Most of the courier services provide a list of items that you can and cannot ship to a specific country. If you are sending a parcel to the US, make sure you are familiar with the guidelines of shipping in the US.

5. Documentation

Proper documentation is essential. You must complete all the shipping documents before shipping your unique treasures. This is where you might be required to describe the item, its value and its purpose.

6. Use Insurance for your Unique Treasures

During shipping, sometimes things beyond your control might happen. The worst-case scenario is that damage or loss can happen to anyone, so you must be prepared to navigate and act accordingly. Using insurance to cover your parcel is the best way. Insurance cover offers protection against relatively extensive damage and all risks of physical loss of goods during shipping. It is advisable to opt for a courier or shipping company that offers insurance cover as it might be relatively cheaper.

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