Finding a Marina for Your Boat

If you are looking at purchasing a boat (or have one), you will naturally question where it will be stored or kept. You want to make sure that your boat is safe, yet accessible at all times. To ensure this happens, you are going to need to find a suitable marina. When you are looking for a marina, here are just a few questions you might want to start asking and even answering yourself.

What Type of Boat Do You Have?

Before you kick off your search, you need to know what type of boat you have. Or, you need to know what type of boat you will look at purchasing. For example, do you already own a speedboat or a leisure boat, or are you looking at a barge for sale? When you know what type of boat you have, you then know more about what your requirements and needs are from a marina. For example, some marinas and docks are targeted at those wishing to store their barges, whereas others are aimed at those owners who only want to use their boats several times a year.

What Size Mooring Do You Require?

After establishing the type of boat that you want to purchase (or already own), you can then get to grips with the size of the mooring that you need. Some boats may not be big in terms of length, but they may be deep, and this may also affect the size of the mooring required. If you are not sure about what size mooring you require, then it is best to get professional measurements carried out. Understanding the size of your boat in terms of length, and even width, will have an impact on the mooring size. If you go for a mooring that is too small, it may be unfit for use, and purpose.

Looking at Marinas

You now have the measurements of your boat, and you know what size mooring you want, but now it’s time to look at marinas. The price of moorings at a marina can vary depending on how large a marina is, and what facilities and amenities boat outfitters it has to offer. When you are looking at marinas, you may find it beneficial to carry out virtual visits before physical visits. Virtual visits will give you a chance to get a feel for what is on offer.

How Important Is Location?

Do you need to be close to your mooring? Are you looking at visiting your boat every weekend or less frequently? The location of a mooring is important when you are making a decision, and it can also affect the price or cost of a mooring too. For example, if you are looking at a low-cost mooring option, the location may not be as desirable (yet) as you would like it to be. However, if you simply have to have a marina that is in the thick of all the action (in a great location), you must be prepared to pay for this, whether leasing or purchasing a mooring.

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