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There are numerous places in India that one can visit and feel amazed at, as the picturesque view and the culture can make anyone a fan. If you want to take your travel journey to the next level, visiting South India is the way. Whether you like mountains or beaches, lakes or forests, the region has everything that a traveler wants to see. It is common for travelers to visit South India, but most of them miss out on visiting places that are genuinely mesmerizing as people have very little knowledge about the lace.

No need to worry as here you will know about the best places to visit in South India, and if you are going to southern India for the first time, then visiting these locations is a must. Here is the list of top scintillating places in South India that will stun you.

Kerala Backwaters

Kerala is hands down one of the most gorgeous places in India, so Holiday packages for Kerala travel are always in demand amongst passionate travelers. You get to view natural beauty and lush greenery, a treat to the eyes. But what makes Kerala extremely special and memorable is its iconic backwaters. The houseboat ride through the backwaters in Kerala is a prolific and soothing experience. The picture-perfect view you witness in the backwaters stays with you throughout your life.


If you want to see the real south India, then Madurai is the place that should be on top of your list as it is one of the oldest cities in India. Madurai is also home to the world-famous Meenakshi Amman temple, which can take your south India trip to the ultimate level. Even though the temple was made thousands of years ago and has gone through a lot, it looks absolutely magnificent, and one can spend hours just appreciating its beauty.

Every year, thousands of tourists visit Madurai just to have a glance at the architectural beauty and a highly regarded religious place, the Meenakshi Temple. Madurai is a city that stands true to its authentic Tamil culture and is also perfect for you if you want to taste the genuine flavors of the place.


History is quite fascinating and helps us plan the future as no one wants to commit the mistakes that our previous generations did. Traveling is a great way to learn history, as visiting ancient places gives us excellent knowledge about the past and allows us to observe the intricate details. Hampi, situated in Karnataka, is a UNESCO World Heritage site with the ruins of the ancient Vijayanagara Empire established in 1336.

The architecture one witnesses is quite inspiring, as even centuries ago, the architecture was up to the mark of modern architecture. In Hampi, there are some ancient temples as well that you can visit, like Virupaksha Temple and the Vittala Temple. The stone chariot you get to witness is excellent proof of our artistic prowess in the past. If you want to visit Hampi and cannot meticulously plan the trip, then no worries, as you can choose holiday packages that will include everything in the trip, from accommodation to transportation.


If you want to see some royalty and luxury in South India, then Mysore is the ideal place, as the city is home to various magnificent palaces that will leave you awestruck. Mysore is also called the “City of Palaces” because of its vast number of palaces. The most popular and must-visit palace in Mysore has to be the Grand Mysore Palace. Mysore is also a great place to explore the culture of south India, as you can witness the celebration of the annual Dasara festival.


Do you think that South India doesn’t have any iconic hill stations? Wait till you hear about the gorgeous Ooty. South India is often stereotyped as a hot place that will leave you drenched with sweat, but Ooty is the complete opposite of it. The weather and scenic beauty in the city is absolutely sensational. Ooty tourist packages are great fun as one can witness various gardens and trek through breathtaking mountains.


There is no better place to visit if you want to see the beautiful blend of Indian culture and French architecture. The place has a classy and soothing vibe, and you will be mesmerized by the calming beaches. Colonial-style cafes are a rare sight to watch, and Pondicherry is where you can witness it. Visiting Pondicherry is a great way to escape from the noise and clutter of the world, and if you are into Spirituality, then Pondicherry is nothing short of heaven for you.

Visiting South India will give you truckloads of memories that will make you smile every time you get reminded about the trip. Exploring the above places is a must, as these are handpicked destinations by the most experienced travelers. Every place on the list will give you a cherishing experience you will never forget.

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