Essential UX Tips for Your Next Website Redesign

Web design isn’t only about the general appearance of the page. Some people might mistake web design for aesthetic appeal. The truth is that it’s also about the user experience or UX. People who visit the page might decide to continue exploring if they liked the experience. Otherwise, they can easily close the tab and look for other options. Hence, it makes sense to improve the website to suit the users’ needs. The good thing is that a reputable Las Vegas web design agency can help improve the page.

Some useful UX tips for the next website redesign are listed below.

Understand what the audiences want

One of the mistakes most people commit when designing a website is they’re looking for what feels good. The problem is that the website isn’t for personal transactions. The goal is to attract attention from target audiences. Therefore, in designing the website, the priority is understanding what people want. If the business wants to appeal to younger audiences, the use of bright colors and animations might be helpful. For young adults, something more professional will work. It’s always about what they want and what looks appealing to them. Failure to understand the target audiences can lead to a web design mistake.

Decide the primary purpose of the website

Not all websites are the same. Some websites are about directly selling products. Therefore, when people visit the page, they will immediately see the options for them to buy. For others, it’s only about providing people with information. When users visit the page, they will gain more knowledge not only about the products, but the industry in general. Other websites focus on maintaining engagement and interaction among the users. The overall design depends on the website’s primary purpose.

Don’t be too obsessed with the big stuff

Web redesign can be fun and exciting. It’s the opportunity to extract one’s creative juices. The problem is there might be too much attention to the artistic aspects, such as the type of animations or color contrast. While these elements are vital, it’s also essential to consider the basic functionality of the page. When people open the website, they need to get what they’re looking for. If they have a hard time, they won’t be patient enough to stay. Some of them will immediately close the website. Therefore, the focus should be on the organization of tabs. There should also be an emphasis on the presentation of information. The most important detail should be on the homepage. Other necessary information people might want to know should also be available in the other tabs.

Focus on making the website responsive

These days, more people use their phones to transact online. There are over 50% of Internet users browsing information on their phones. Despite that, there are still many companies without a website that is responsive enough on mobile devices. It might be time to delve into this essential aspect. If the website doesn’t load quickly, users will immediately close the page. They believe that there are other more important things to do than waiting for the website to load. Google also penalizes websites that don’t load correctly on mobile devices. It affects the rankings in search engines. Therefore, it should be the priority the next time there’s a website redesign.

The redesign shouldn’t be a one-man job

While web design is seemingly simple, there are complex details that only experts know how to deal with. The problem is when the company only trusts one person to do the job. It might be possible, but it might not yield the best results. Web design involves different minds. It’s not enough for one artist to determine every detail of the website. There might also be some issues that one person might overlook. Collaboration is essential in web design, and it makes sense to work with an agency. A team of web design experts working on a project will lead to excellent results.

Don’t copy and paste content

If the company plans to create a new website, it’s not ideal to copy the content from a different page. Remember that websites aren’t only for providing information to the target audiences. They also need to be optimized for search engines. Before people can see the page, it has to rank high in search engines first. Otherwise, even if the website contains useful information, no one can see it. A quality Las Vegas web design agency will focus not only on the artistic appeal but also on search engine optimization.

Always think of the brand

There needs to be attention given to the company’s brand. Establishing one can be challenging. People need to be reminded about the brand, so it’s easier for them to choose the company. There are even people who can identify the business based on color alone. It means that the company has an effective branding strategy. It allows the target audiences to immediately think about the company when they’re buying products or services. If the business targets young professionals, the website should be appealing to them. From the use of colors and fonts to the type of images, the priorities are the target audiences.

Multiple tweaks are normal

After going through the redesign process, there’s still a chance that the results aren’t good enough. Therefore, web designers have to prepare for several changes. There might be some tweaks to improve the results. Before going live, it also helps to let other employees in the company view the website. They will provide comments and suggestions that can help improve the page.

Ask for help from a web design agency

Identifying the best strategies for web design can be challenging. Even websites that look good aren’t necessarily effective. The good thing is that there are companies providing quality services. A reputable Las Vegas web design agency understands the different strategies to improve the user experience. The agency also knows how to make the page more suitable to the target audiences. The web designers working for these agencies understand different types of audiences and will identify a suitable design.

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