Why Escape Rooms are Ideal for Corporate Team-Building

Face it, corporate team-building events can often seem like the company’s way of forcing fun upon its employees. Escape rooms offer a counter to that drear situation. Genuinely entertaining while supplying an easy opportunity to practice important team-building skills, escape rooms can get your team keener to work together than ever before. Read on to find out more about why Maze Rooms and corporate team-building naturally go hand-in-hand.

1. Problem-solving meets fun

With their myriad of different puzzles, riddles, ciphers, and problems, escape rooms test and stretch all sorts of skills. Team members will need to divvy up tasks, give progress updates, and work under pressure. They’ll practice creative problem-solving, time-management, conflict resolution, and more. It’s kind of just like work – except in a magical room with a fun theme and people who are no longer just co-workers. You’ll feel like a kid again, and learn to appreciate each member of your team as the full person they are outside of work.

2. Natural dynamics are formed

Placed together in a room with no assigned roles or responsibilities, the dynamic of your group will be open to interpretation. Some may instinctively gravitate to taking the reins, while others might make equally great contributions in a quieter manner. Leadership might also shift in regards to different tasks or situations, as people get the chance to demonstrate their special strengths and areas of expertise. It’s a natural way of finding out what members of the team are like stripped of their job titles and how they fit together in an informal space.

3. No one is singled out

Unlike talent shows, certain theater games, and other uncomfortable ice-breakers, Maze Rooms don’t put anyone under the spotlight. There’s no need to spontaneously whip out any impressive skills or break into dance. Instead, team members simply work steadily together towards a common goal. That doesn’t mean that the experience isn’t fun, but simply that everyone is on equal footing without any unnecessary awkwardness. With everyone focused on the mission at hand, there’s no place for self-consciousness.

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