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Don’t DIY Mold Cleaning Just Call the Experts

When it comes to mold cleaning, many people prefer to do a DIY removal. But it’s not a good idea when it comes to commercial or home spaces. This is because mold removal is a complicated process and it can affect you, your family and even your worker’s health if you leave it for too long, not to mention the damage it can do to the property. So when it comes down to it, choose the best commercial mold inspection on the market and avoid DIY.

This is Why DIY Doesn’t Work on Mold

Unintentionally Feeding The Mold

If you DIY mold removal, don’t be surprised if you make it worse. Some ‘home remedies’ use household cleaners, and since water is what mold feeds on, you’re just going to be making things worse. This is a mistake the experts just don’t make, so you can hand the work over to the people who do it for a living and let yourself relax, knowing the mold is gone forever.

Spreading Spores

If you use the wrong mold cleaners, you can unintentionally cause a reaction that will spread the mold spores all over the area. When this happens, you need to call the professionals, otherwise, you may end up with the mold moving all over the spaces in your workplace or home, and this is just terrible for your health and the look of your interiors.

Accidental Property Damage

Different chemicals react to surfaces differently. So if you use the wrong cleaners, you can damage your paint, drywall and other surfaces that mold grows. This can be costly to repair after the fact, so it’s better to call the experts to ensure you protect your assets and don’t lose money.

Cause Ongoing Disease

When you disturb mold, you can cause spores to spread. When these spores become airborne they cause respiratory issues in many people, so if you want to DIY mold removal you need to wear a high-quality face mask, goggles and gloves at a minimum, but you can accidentally expose others in the area to the spores as you clean.

Not Cleaning Everything

Mold isn’t always visible to the naked eye. This means you may clean mold in one area, and then miss mold growing in another area until it grows outwards. The experts can detect mold no matter where it is growing and this includes behind walls and in insulation.

It’s An Expensive Process

Mold remediation is an expensive process. It takes a lot of equipment, chemicals, personal protective equipment, and protective equipment for surfaces as well. Even if you do clean out the mold, you will now have a lot of tools you won’t be using again, so remember that the best cleaners for mold in the car, workplace or home are always the experts.

You Don’t Know the Mold Type

There are so many varieties of mold out there, with common house mold having over 8 recognised species alone. Some types of mold need some knowledge of which chemicals remove that specific type of mold, without damaging the underlying paint or drywall or feeding the mold.

You Don’t Know the Cause

In addition to removing the mold, removal services will also endeavour to find the root cause of why the mold turned up in the first place. This is because if you don’t find the actual cause of the mold, it can keep returning overtime forever. Some common causes include things like leaky pipes, roof leaks running down walls, a leaky faucet or broken seals and windows.

In addition to helping you find the root cause, the professionals will also help you understand preventative things you can do to reduce the likelihood of mold returning down the line.

Let The Experts Do Their Job

When you allow the experts to do their job, you’ll understand why DIY doesn’t work. They get the job done faster, with less effort on your part. They will undertake all the steps towards best practice, and this includes things such as keeping the mold-affected spaces away from unaffected parts of the house, all the way to keeping people in the space safe and away from the mold removal process overall, as it uses harsh chemicals.

But who do you call if you need help managing mold in your commercial or personal space? The answer is Flood Pro’s USA. They are the premiere choice for those who want 24/7 support when mold takes over their spaces.

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