Different Types of Tow Trucks

Do you want to know about the types of tow trucks? Here we explain four different types of tow trucks and their functions so that you can choose the right one at the time of emergency.

Getting stuck at the middle of a road, because of a car break down or any other issue, is probably the worst nightmare of the car owners. It is stressful and could even be dangerous for both the drivers and passengers. It is not always easy for you to understand the mood and health of your vehicle. They are unpredictable and do not see the place and time before throwing tantrums. In such a situation a towing company plays the role of a hero who rescues you from the trouble scene.

There are different types of towing trucks available in the market for different purposes. You need to decide which will be suitable for you. Here I have come up with a detailed study on four types of tow trucks and their functions so that you can choose the right one at the time of emergency.

Before discussing about the types let’s have a look at the purposes for which towing service is needed

  • Wrongly parked vehicle
  • Breakdowns and accidents
  • Heavy duty jobs
  • Industry specific requirement
  • Transportation

4 Different Types of Tow Trucks for Different Purposes

1. Flatbed tow truck

Flatbed tow truck, also known as a slide, is one of the most commonly used vehicles in towing services. As the name suggests It comes with a long and empty hydraulic bed and its upper portion is flat. These are designed to be used in multipurpose towing services. The biggest advantage of this type of tow truck is that it provides utmost security to the vehicle that is being towed.

Flatbed tow trucks are the best suited for immovable vehicles. It pulls the damaged vehicle onto the bed with the help of a crane.

2. Integrated tow trucks

An integrated tow truck is an amalgamation of two separate mechanisms and the most frequently used combination include boom and wheel lift mechanisms. These are specially created for heavy duty recoveries. Rigs and heavy vehicles such as buses are towed with the help of integrated tow trucks. These trucks are equipped with extra axles that make them capable of withstanding heavy weight.

3. Hook and chain tow truck

There was a time when hook and chain tow trucks were mostly seen on roads. This is probably the oldest form of tow trucks. Just like its name it uses hook and chains to lift up a vehicle, which creates immense pressure on it. This is one of the reasons why using such vehicles for towing has gradually reduced. Presently it is used in towing wrecked or junk vehicles.

4. Wheel lift tow truck

The features of a wheel lift tow truck are similar with hook and chain tow trucks. The only difference is that wheel lift tow trucks use metal yoke in place of chains and hooks. Though it is unable to provide equal level of protection as flatbed truck to the vehicles it tows, but it does save them from getting damaged in bumpers. As there are no chains attached to it, the risk of scratches in the body of the vehicle is also less.

Vehicle towing is an emergency service. Do not get panicked if you find yourself stuck somewhere because of your car break down or any other issues. Now when you have a detailed knowledge on the types of towing service it will be easier for you to take the right decision at the very moment.

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