Cosmetic Dentistry: 3 Things to Avoid When Getting Your Teeth Whitened

Are you getting ready for a teeth whitening session with your local family cosmetic dentistry professional? Do you want your results to last for as long as possible?

Professional teeth whitening isn’t a miracle cure. You still have to take care of your teeth if you want to avoid stains. But what specifically should you be looking out for?

Keep reading for the top three things that you should avoid after your teeth whitening session.

1. Acidic Food

While everyone knows that sugary foods are bad for your teeth, not enough people are aware of how much damage acidic food can do as well. There’s a reason that dentists suggest that you before brushing your teeth after you’ve eaten too many acidic foods!

After a professional teeth whitening session, you’ll have weaker enamel. This isn’t a problem as long as you take care of your teeth while they “heal,” but adding acid will further harm that fragile enamel.

You risk sensitivity and even more staining, thus rendering your original whitening session useless.

So what kinds of foods are acidic? You want to avoid citrus, certain processed foods, and pickled foods. While citrus is healthy in moderation, wait 48 hours before eating or drinking it.

2. Dark Foods and Drinks

It should go without saying that foods and drinks that would stain your teeth pre-whitening can also stain them post-whitening. If you don’t want to undo all of that cosmetic dentistry whitening work, leave certain foods out of your diet, at least until you’re nearing your next whitening session.

After all, you don’t want that cosmetic dentistry cost to be wasted, right?

So what drinks are too dark for your pearly whites? You want to avoid things like red wine, dark tea, and coffee. If you must drink these things, do so through a straw.

When it comes to food, avoid colorful candy, spices like turmeric, and even pigmented produce (like beets or blackberries).

It might seem like a huge restriction, but try replacing your favorite colorful foods with alternatives. For example, trade red wine for white wine or clear liquor.

3. Tobacco Products

It is always best to remove tobacco products from your life even if you haven’t just gotten a professional teeth whitening procedure. Tobacco is bad for your overall health and it will ruin your teeth and gums.

Even if you don’t care about your health, though, you should cut out tobacco products if you want to maintain a pearly white smile. Cigarettes and chewing tobacco will leave dark stains on your teeth. Why risk it when it’s just as easy to not smoke?

Don’t Mess Up Your Cosmetic Dentistry White Teeth

You’ve paid so much for cosmetic dentistry so why would you ruin your results with dark drinks, acidic foods, and tobacco products? You want to keep your teeth bright and shiny until your next session, right?

Next time you go in for a teeth whitening session, keep this list in mind. Keep your smile sparkling for a long time!

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