Compact water Venturi scrubber: a guardian of cleanliness in the converting sector

In the bustling world of tissue and converting, where paper rolls transform into everyday necessities, the air is often laden with fine dust and metal particles.

This is where the compact Venturi water scrubber comes into play, a silent sentinel safeguarding the environment and workforce from these airborne hazards.

Unveiling the compact water venturi scrubber’s operational prowess

At the heart of this compact marvel lies the “Venturi effect”, a clever principle that harnesses the power of converging airflow to capture and remove contaminants.

The process unfolds in a series of well-orchestrated steps:

  • Contaminated air inlet
    Polluted air, carrying a medley of dust and metal particles, is drawn into the system through an intake duct.
  • Humidification chamber
    As the air enters the filter, it encounters a curtain of fine water droplets, effectively humidifying the environment and priming the particles for capture.
  • Venturi effect
    The humidified air takes a wild ride through the venturi section, a specially designed duct that narrows and then expands dramatically. This sudden change in geometry creates an intense vortex, accelerating the airflow and intensifying the collision rate between water droplets and airborne particles.
  • Particle separation
    The turbulence-induced collisions lead to the formation of larger, heavier droplets, which effortlessly sink from the air as it exits the expansion chamber. This separation stage effectively cleanses the air, leaving behind a pristine stream.
  • Contaminated water discharge
    The polluted water, now laden with captured particles, is safely channeled away for treatment or disposal, ensuring environmental compliance.

A targeted solution for the converting sector

The compact water Venturi scrubber finds its niche in the converting sector, specifically addressing the filtration of metal powders generated during the roll cutting process.

As paper rolls are meticulously sliced into desired sizes, the disc blades undergo a self-sharpening process, releasing fine metal particles into the surrounding air.

Unlike larger filter systems, this compact scrubber tackles not only paper dust but also the extremely fine metal emery produced during cutting. Its effectiveness ensures a cleaner, safer working environment for operators.

A symphony of efficiency and safety

Sorgato’s compact water-based Venturi scrubber stands out as a testament to innovation, seamlessly integrating with log saws, ubiquitous machines in the converting sector.

Strategically positioned at the end of the production line, just before the packaging phase, it partners with circular blades to transform paper logs into precise sizes.

The scrubber’s key features and benefits include:

  • Safe metal dust filtration
    The scrubber effectively captures and removes metal dust, a potential fire hazard.
  • Effortless installation
    It is a self-contained unit, requiring minimal installation effort. Its seamless integration with existing hydraulic and electrical systems minimizes disruptions during startup.
  • Enhanced production efficiency
    By eliminating airborne contaminants, the scrubber ensures a cleaner working environment, reducing downtime and promoting overall production efficiency.

Compact water-based Venturi scrubber filter is more than just a filtration device; it is a testament to the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility and worker safety.

By effectively capturing and removing airborne contaminants, it safeguards the converting sector from the hazards of metal dust and contributes to a healthier, more productive work environment for your Business.

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