How To Choose The Best Diamond Shape For Your Wedding Ring?

From giving a relationship the next definition to showing the love and commitment of a person towards his or her partner or lover, wedding rings are known for a variety of reasons. Wedding rings are also used as a symbol that the person is committed, and married.

In engagement and wedding rings, a common thing that grabs the highest attention is none other than the ring diamond/stone. The diamonds used in a wedding ring not only just define its cost but also their overall appearance. This makes it important for the ring buyers to pay equal attention to the ring design and diamond shape.

When buying a wedding ring, buyers prefer a wedding ring that comes within their budget. Some of us pay attention to the ring design, while others give preference to the diamond shape. The consideration of both helps you get the wedding ring of your choice. But choosing the best diamond shape for your wedding ring is undoubtedly a complicated process. This makes it essential for you to know more about the diamond shape and follow the right buying tips. Some common things that you must do to choose the best diamond shape for your wedding ring are listed below.

Know More About Diamond Shapes

The first thing that must do even before looking for a wedding ring is to improve your knowledge about it. The purchase of wedding rings and engagement rings turns out to be more successful when you have good knowledge about them. This not only just affects your purchase decision but also your time and money. Knowing more about diamond shapes helps you decide which diamond shapes you must avoid or prefer to pick the best diamond shape for your wedding ring.

Consider The Diamond Size

For wedding rings, some people prefer large diamonds while others choose small diamonds or solitaire. Considering your preference in terms of diamond size helps you choose the diamond shape accordingly. In case your preference is more towards bigger diamonds then you can choose oval cut, cushion-cut, or pear shape diamonds, for the best look. On the other side, round, princess-cut, heart shape and marquise-cut diamonds are some small diamond shapes that are unique and have an expensive look.

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Attention To The Fingers

Another thing you must consider to choose the best diamond shape for your wedding ring is the length of your fingers. The length and shape of your fingers play a major role in enhancing the beauty of the ring. If you have long fingers, you can easily choose small-size diamonds such as round, princess-cut diamonds. But on the other side, if you have small fingers then it is always better to choose diamond shapes that can give your fingers a long, elongated look. Diamond shapes such as Emerald, Marquise, or Oval shape help wider or shorter fingers will appear longer.

best diamond shape for your wedding ring
Best Diamond Shape for Your Wedding Ring

Do Not Ignore The Ring Metal & Design

When buying a wedding ring, the ring’s metal and design must always be considered. For wedding rings, ring metals such as white gold, platinum, rose gold, and yellow gold usually remains in demand. When selecting the diamond shape, it is essential to make sure that the diamond shape you are going to choose for the wedding ring will match perfectly with the ring metal. Popular diamond shapes like round, oval, pear, etc. Looks more beautiful on white gold or platinum rings. But in case your preference is more towards yellow gold, then you can also choose colored gemstones accordingly.


Ordering custom wedding rings is one of the best ways to choose the best diamond shape for wedding rings. If you want to get a wedding ring within your budget or have a particular choice in terms of ring design, diamond shape, clarity, etc. then ordering a custom wedding ring can help you get the ring of your choice. This helps you take an idea from different wedding rings and customize the perfect one for you.

Choose As Per The Wedding Ring/Band Width

Attention to the width of the wedding ring/band also helps you choose the best diamond shape for your wedding ring. Simple, thinner bands look more beautiful on solitaire wedding rings. This helps you take to focus on the center stone. In case the width of the ring is wider then Emerald, Marquise, or Oval shape diamond must be preferred to maintain the long, elongated look.

Final Thoughts

When buying a wedding ring, buyers usually keep their focus on their budget. No doubt, it is very important, but along with this, other things such as the ring metal, diamond clarity, diamond shape, length of the fingers, ring width, etc. also need proper attention. Along with this, ordering a customized ring from a professional jeweler helps you choose the perfect wedding ring for your big day.

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