How To Choose Your Polo Helmet?

Helmets save lives. Yes, it is normal that as a consequence of this we want to have one of the optimal conditions to safeguard our integrity, but, not only is having the best polo helmet enough, it is necessary to know how to choose the appropriate size to ensure a perfect fit, thus guaranteeing the higher degree of protection.

Knowing your size today becomes an aspect that will make it easier for you to access the online market, not only is it enough to go to a store in person and buy different garments after measuring them, choosing the option with which you feel most comfortable, because even In the case of polo helmets, you may feel comfortable with different sizes, but is the size you selected the one that really fits your head the best?

Today, shopping from the comfort of your home and receiving your orders there is not only easier but also safer, in the face of the wave of Coronavirus that, apparently, has no intention of leaving for a long time. This is why, if you do not know exactly your polo helmet size, here we leave you a simple guide to know your measurements precisely and you can acquire the appropriate polo helmet with certainty. Whether in a virtual or physical store.

What you should do is take a tape measure and place it just above your eyebrows and ears, forming a slight diagonal line around your head, a good measurement could be 2 cm above the eyebrows and ears (as seen in the previous image).

After having the measurement, you can take one of the reference values that we will show you below, remember to take as a reference the measurement that is closest to the value obtained on the measuring tape.

56-57 S
58-59 M
60 L
61-62 XL

If your measurements fall within the aforementioned, you can be sure that you will be acquiring a polo helmet with a perfect fit; Likewise, if your measurements are outside these margins, you can contact our Krono Polo team and we will advise you with a custom helmet that meets your needs in the best possible way.

On the other hand, if at any time you have identified any of these clues, it means that your polo helmet is not the right one for you:

  • Does the helmet move more than usual on your head? The polo helmet must not move; this means that it is larger than recommended for you.
  • You don’t have good visibility? It means that the helmet is too big and therefore makes vision difficult.
  • Does your head hurt after playing or practicing polo? It is very likely that there is excessive pressure exerted by the polo helmet, which indicates that your helmet is small for your morphological condition.
  • Does the polo helmet fold your ears? This is a clear indicator that you need a smaller helmet or perhaps the mold is not recommended for your morphology.
  • Do you feel a perfect fit and pressure, is there no movement and is there good visibility?

Perfect! You have found the ideal polo helmet for you. You can play polo consciously using an implement that fits perfectly.

In any case, Krono Polo helmets are of excellent quality, since they incorporate technology used in F1 seeking to optimize efficiency while protecting our integrity; In addition, a fundamental aspect in the helmets used in England itself is to have the PAS 015: 2011 certification issued by the HPA, which is an indicator of good practices in the manufacture of the polo helmet and ensures proper care of the player. polo shirt.

Krono Polo helmets are available in multiple designs seeking to adjust not only to the measurements of your body, but also to your personality. Visit to learn more about this polo item.

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