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Where to buy a puppy? Buying a puppy is a challenging task and a big adventure, especially if you are getting it for the first time. A puppy is a long-term dedication and commitment. Whatever breed you buy, you have to look after it for approximately 15 to 20 years. There are various places to buy puppies and dogs. However, knowing the right place is vital if you want to get a healthy puppy.

Where can I Buy a Puppy? The Right Places You Should Visit

Are you planning to bring a puppy? If yes, the next step to take should be to ask yourself, where can I buy a puppy near me? The most natural place most puppy owners have already recognized is the puppy mills. Make sure you don’t do the same. Not all sites could be the best source to buy puppies. But, following the right tips, you are likely to buy a healthy and socialized puppy without draining your pocket.

“A dog may be man’s best friend, but a child’s best friend is a puppy.”

Consider adopting a puppy

Adoption is the best thing people should do to give dogs and puppies a secured shelter. Reach out to reputable animal rescue groups and animal shelters. You can mostly get umpteen great dogs, mixes as well as purebreds, waiting for a home.

Contact responsible breeders

Responsible breeders nurture dogs and puppies in a pleasing and healthy environment. Make sure you don’t buy your puppy without reviewing the place where it and its parents are raised.

Before learning how to buy a puppy, it is vital to discover different options available.

  • Commercial breeders – People that make money by selling puppies that they have bred are the commercial breeders. Puppy mills, puppy farms, and breed enthusiast dog breeders are the part of commercial breeders.
  • Dog retailers – Dog retailers, are the people that buy and sell puppies. They buy puppies for a puppy mill or farm and sell them to make their living.
  • Home dog breeders – They are, in general, the female dog owners who allow their dog to have a litter. Most home dog breeders don’t give away the puppies to make a profit. They are usually the breed enthusiasts struggling with their dogs.

Remember, everyone who has a female dog and allows her to have puppies are dog breeders. These people most probably advertise their puppies for sale. However, understanding what precise things you should look for in the adverts will help you make the right choice.

Avoid visiting a pet store

Most puppies people often purchase are from puppy mills. Therefore, you need to be very careful regarding stores connected with puppy mills unless you find one that is a puppy-friendly store that sources vagrant pups from local animal shelters.

These are the two sources you should avoid while buying a puppy.

  • Puppy mills – It is a place where female dogs are kept and fed with the only purpose of producing puppies that they can sell and make a profit. The female dogs in the mills live in kennels. However, the dogs in a puppy mill are not pets, nor are they watchdogs, and not even show dogs. A puppy mill or farm will have a variety of different dog breeds. They often keep female dogs of multiple breeds.
  • Pet stores – Pet stores are the retailers that buy puppies from the farms or mills to sell. Puppies in retail pet stores often don’t get the care and attention needed to flourish.

Having heard of puppy mills, many people avoid buying a puppy from there. But, various other people, unknowingly, bring a puppy home from a farm, not being aware of the possible problems. Recognizing an excellent farm or a puppy mill is not an easy job.

Buy dogs online

To sell puppies, many people advertise them in local newspapers or online. You can proceed, but be very careful. You can indeed find good breeds through the advertisements, but things can go risky. Some reputable breeders advertise their puppies, perhaps because they are betrayed by the buyers or are looking for some specialized homes for the dogs. Whatever may be the reason, you will find advertisements for these puppies on some specialist websites like

Many breeders don’t advertise their puppies online on big classified websites that screen a range of dog breeds, nor will they display their puppies on national listing sites where you can get everything from used or new clothing to pets.

Bear in mind; many advertisements are more likely to be from sellers that just have raised a litter from their pet or retailers that buy puppies from puppy farms and sell them online.

Buy a well-bred puppy

A well-bred puppy is usually booked in advance or is sold by verbal communication. So, to buy a puppy, you first and foremost need to find a good breeder. Contacting a right breeder is the best way to buy a well-bred puppy who is sophisticated and healthy.

Look for a reputable breeder

A reputable breeder will have a precise understanding of the breed of the puppy he/she has. They focus more on raising puppies to keep them healthy and make them the owners’ best buddy. Furthermore, most reputable breeders support their new buyers. If needed, they can even take back the puppy at times when you are unable to keep the canine any longer due to any disastrous situation.


Ensure that you are not taking any wrong chance when buying a puppy. Never buy a puppy, your new little friend from a puppy farm, or a pet shop. Also, be very careful while looking for puppies through advertisements online or on local newspapers, or newsletters. The right way is to find a reputable breeder who may not get you a litter right away but can help you find a pregnant female dog or one who is about to be mated. You can book a puppy in advance.

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