How to Don a Suit and Bowler Hat the Right Way

Gone are the days when you had to keep looking for the best bowler hats in neighborhood stores. With the convenience of purchasing a bowler hat online, you can now conceptualize and form your ensemble from the comfort of your home. While most people know how to wear a bowler hat the right way, there are many others who don it the wrong way. The right fashion tips for a bowler hat can come in handy in such times and help you understand how to accessorize the same with your apparel of choice.

Look Good in a Bowler Hat and Suit by Dressing Appropriately

Here, we aim to throw light on how buyers and wearers of bowler hats in Florida can create a winning look for themselves by implementing the right fashion tips.

What to Expect When You Buy a Bowler Hat Online?

Also referred to as the derby, the bowler hat was always a favorite until the fedora became a crowd puller in the 1920s. This type of hat has a short, rolled brim that serves to be the perfect accessory for women desirous of adding a light masculine hint to their outfit. A bowler hat is also the right kind of headgear for men who are desirous of adding to their personal style quotient, provided they adhere to the fashion tips for a bowler hat provided by experts in the field.

Tips on How to Wear a Bowler Hat for Men

For guys, the act of wearing bowler hats is akin to making a grand personal style statement. Though this style of hats is commonly reserved for actors, rock stars or people with an English sartorial flair, it is being adopted widely by the current generation to make heads turn in gatherings.

A trench coat donned over a dark-colored pinstripe suit, and a pair of brogues would form the right ensemble for a bowler hat to create the right look. In case you are not in the mood for a suit, you may consider pairing the bowler with your favorite leather jacket, well-worn but fitted dark jeans, chunky leather boots, and a casual white shirt. A bowler hat is best worn by throwing it on your head and even forgetting that it exists there. This nonchalant approach is the befitting one for men wearing bowler hats in Florida or anywhere else in the world.

Fashion Tips for a Bowler Hat for Women

Women can flaunt bowler hats to give off a boyish-charm. They may want to accessorize their bowler with stylish menswear-inspired apparel like oversized blazers, high-heel loafers, boyfriend jeans, or boyfriend button-downs. To ably complement the masculine-looking topper, women can mix and match boxy pieces with an elegant element like a swing skirt, stiletto heels, or a floral blouse. The bowler hat would also go well with chunky, utilitarian boots or a leather biker jacket.

Care Tips

Once you purchase a bowler hat online, it is important to maintain it well. Regular brushing, especially prior to exposing the same to moisture is a must. It is equally important to brush your hat with a soft horsehair bristle hat brush before wearing it. When not in use, it is best to store your bowler hat in a hat box for retaining its shape and quality.

Buy a bowler hat today and get ready to create your style statement!

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