What are the Best Socket 1155 Motherboards of 2020?

For your computer to work properly, bug-free, without slowing down, take care to choose your motherboard. If it is not powerful enough for the use you reserve for your computer, it could affect its functioning. It should be relative to the power of your processor and your graphics card.

The motherboard connects all components of the computer, thanks to its main element which is the Chipset. Thanks to the Chipset, data can flow between the processor, memory, graphics card and other components of the computer. The choice of a motherboard therefore begins with the Chipset, which will determine the performance, stability and scalability of the system. Some models include audio or graphics chips, which will save you money on the purchase of an additional graphics card or sound card. The Chipset goes hand in hand with quality memory, otherwise your PC may crash.

You should also be careful to match the socket on the motherboard with that on the processor. Our comparison will focus more on socket 1155 motherboards, intended mainly for a PC Gamer configuration. Check that the motherboard BIOS is also compatible with your processor. It will allow you to make the settings of your system at startup, but also to make updates.

It is possible to get best motherboard for i9 9900k with a dual BIOS that is to say with a second backup BIOS in case of failure of the first. In front of a wide range of socket 1155 motherboards, choose the model with a thermal or TDP envelope equal to that of your processor. It should also have a frequency and voltage equivalent to that of your RAM.

You will see in this comparison three socket 1155 motherboards, of different brands, which could help you make your choice.


This model Asus has a socket LGA 1155 compatible with Intel Core 2 nd and 3 rd generation, but the Intel HD Graphics.

It is as efficient as it is versatile for an office configuration. Equipped with the ESD Protection system, this motherboard will provide proven stability and better protect your equipment. In addition, its UEFI BIOS interface is more user-friendly and intuitive.

In addition to its graphics performance, this model is also one of the most powerful cards, but also the least energetic on the market.

It has the latest chipset, capable of making the system more stable and more efficient. This motherboard supports DDR3 memory, making it compatible with the latest 3D games and other state-of-the-art multimedia applications. DDR3 Dual Channel, on the other hand, boosts the overall performance of your machine. With the AI   Suite II, you can bundle all ASUS features in one place.

Sapphire Pb

This model is suitable for PCs of demanding gamers. It has a P67 chipset, compatible with powerful processors like the Intel Core i7, i5 and i3. It can accommodate up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM, capable of avoiding any latency problem.

The Sapphire Pb-Ci7s42p67 S1155 P67 Atx provides stability and fluidity to your system. As for its connections, it has 4 SATA III ports and 2 USB 3.0 ports.

It thus benefits from a speed of flow 10 times higher than USB 2.0. You can also take advantage of several other configuration and optimization options for your system.

The configuration of the Pure Black Hydra is as efficient as it is efficient. This earned the product a place in our comparison of socket 1155 motherboards. However, you will have a little trouble with the BIOS, the ports sometimes struggle to recognize certain USB keys.

Generic Gigabyte GA-H61

The Generic motherboard has a socket 1155, and supports the Intel Core i3, i5 processor and also the latest i7. Apart from the performance of its configuration, the Generic motherboard is provided with special protection against humidity, thanks to a specific PCB incorporated.

It is also equipped with a high-quality chip, three times more resistant to electrostatic discharge than that of conventional motherboards. Thanks to its DualBIOS system, the Generic will update your system, which will automatically switch to the second BIOS.

You can therefore use your PC with complete peace of mind, without fear of possible motherboard failures. Generic, with its Intel Smart Connect technology, automatically updates your applications and emails, even if your PC is in standby.

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