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The beauty of online news platforms is that they give us the power to choose what we want to see when we want to see it. The transition from print to digital not only lessens paper consumption but also allows more filtering control.

However, the power to choose does come with a plethora of options, which often makes choosing overwhelming. Now that we can decide what we want to read, there is the nerve-wracking decision of where we want to read it.

The online realm is chock-full of information. As you may know, information is not always created equal. As your pointer hovers over headlines, how do you decide which online platform is for you?

Deciding where to get your daily dose of information? Here are some sites to help you get around and stay updated with trending news!

7 Best Online News Sites You Can Trust for Credible Stories

1. Associated Press

Information is always updating, and reports have to stay current. Developing stories have new information added and this information can change by the minute. When it comes to timeliness, Associated Press is hard to beat.

They churn news stories as the facts arrive and as fast as they come. Additionally, they deliver news with a sense of neutrality.

The no-frills style of reporting allows you, the reader, to form your own opinions on matters. Access AP News for your serving of hard facts and straight-to-the-point reports.

2. ABC News

ABC News ranked the highest in a 2021 US survey on the credibility of news organizations. Many adults and democrats find that ABC is much more reliable.

This online news platform covers a variety of news stories. It encompasses current health reports, political issues, and the occasional trending video. They also provide live streams for the audio-visual learners out there.

This news site provides your news in an easy-to-digest manner. As a bit of break from the grim, try exploring the heartwarming pieces available on the platform.

3. CBS News

CBS News takes second place in the 2021 survey of news credibility. News reports from this site accept responsibility for humanity and impart a more left-leaning approach.

Nonetheless, they manage to report with an air of professionalism and responsible journalism.

This site is perfect for the opinionated but grounded individual who is looking to stay well-informed. CBS reports are also a potential well of information for individuals looking for new perspectives.

It is always healthy to look beyond our horizons while maintaining a high regard for facts. CBS News achieves both of these objectives in flying colors.

4. Financial Times

The Financial Times is one of the oldest news spreads, established in 1888 prior to transitioning to an online platform. It is a Japanese-owned paper but keeps an international audience. It tackles universal topics of economics, politics, and business matters.

Speaking of business, keep your style as updated as you are with your news. Go here to stay classy.

The Financial Times is the go-to platform for the businessman or businesswoman on the rush. Quick headlines and global insight—perfect for the cutthroat business world.

5. BBC News

BBC hails as one of the gold standards of news reporting. It is one of the most popular news sites in the United Kingdom and dominates the search engine. They achieved this for good reason.

The BBC news organization has held its ground as an accurate, credible, digestible, and entertaining news source. Their more advanced broadcasting technology lent them a foot in disseminating news during World War II. As a more modern news organization, they have yet to disappoint.

Visit BBC News for environmental updates and information on humanitarian crises across the globe. Check out your favorite sports team, or look at updates on the cast of that series you were raving about. BBC News has it all.

6. Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal has amassed Pulitzer prizes throughout the years. It is an American daily newspaper that prides itself in a centralized approach.

This stance is significant in political discussions as it takes into account both sides. Covering all ends of the spectrum illustrates the whole picture. This allows readers to form their own unbiased and holistic views on important topics.

Stay up to date with the latest advancements in technology, medicine, and stocks with the Wall Street Journal’s superb coverage.

7. The New York Times

Where would this list be without the New York Times? This daily newspaper is arguably the most influential of all online news platforms. It has gained an unshakable reputation through years of thought-provoking articles and its willingness to tackle unconventional and uncomfortable topics.

The New York Times has gotten rid of its former elitist repute. Greater accessibility of the site no longer restricts the NYT and allows a broader demographic to appreciate the content. Stay in the know with the New York Times as they cover culture, politics, and business.

Ready to Explore the Latest Trending News?

Don’t get your news from just anywhere. Ensure your news sources are timely, credible, and entertaining. Find news sources that have built a time-tested reputation.

Give yourself the chance to form your own opinions and also open yourself up to the well-thought opinions of others. You can use multiple sites to cross-reference and enhance your know-how. The search bar is your gateway to infinite knowledge. Get it first and get it right.

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