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Energy-Efficient Homes: 3 Best Window Films for Heat Control

Heat can make life in a home uncomfortable and unbearable. Some of the most unbearable heat can occur during the summertime. These hot months can feel even worse when you’re in a house that’s been heated to a hotter-than-usual temperature for some time.

However, you can resolve this issue. You can ensure that your home is more energy efficient and more comfortable to live in. If you want air conditioning, trust the professionals to get the job done right.

To learn more about reducing heat, keep reading to learn about the best home window film for heat rejection.

1. 3M Sun Control Affinity

3M Sun Control Affinity Window Film is a perfect choice for controlling the heat in your home. It is designed to help reduce annoying glares and uncomfortable hot spots while blocking 99.9% of harmful UV rays. This heat blocking window film is a great way to reduce your energy costs and protect your family’s valuable home furnishings and floors.

It provides greater privacy, as you can tint the film to your liking while rejecting up to 79% of the total solar energy that comes through the window. As an added bonus, it is capable of blocking up to 67% of the infrared radiation in heat transfer, allowing your home to stay up to 10 degrees cooler on hot summer days. With a lifetime warranty, you can be sure your investment will last.

2. 3M Sun Control Night Vision Window Film

A heat blocking window film for home is a great way to cut down on home energy costs while also protecting yourself from harmful UV rays. 3M Sun Control Night Vision Window Film high-performance film provides an unobtrusive but effective solution to solar heat gain while allowing desirable natural light and the outside view. It is easy to install and comes with a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer.

This window film also produces a low reflectivity which provides enhanced nighttime privacy and safety for your home. Furthermore, due to its special coating, it is capable of absorbing up to 80 percent of the sun’s heat while blocking out the infrared wavelengths.

And the 3M Sun Control Night Vision Window Film also features improved clarity. This combination of efficient heat and energy control along with superior clarity makes this window film an ideal choice for your home.

3. 3M Prestige Window Film

3M Prestige Window Film is an ideal solution for controlling heat entering your home. Designed to reject significant amounts of solar heat gain while allowing natural daylight to pass through, it helps to improve comfort and energy efficiency. This polyester film can reduce up to 99% of UV rays and 80% of glare.

A basic professional-grade coating is guaranteed to last up to 8 years and can withstand high temperatures. It is also an aesthetically pleasing and discreet option, helping to maintain the look of your windows while providing much-needed protection.

The dual-layer construction provides excellent solar energy rejection and improved thermal comfort while blocking up to 99% of UV radiation. In the end, taking time to visit this window tinting company and evaluating them will help your planning easier.

Discovering the Best Home Window Film for Heat Rejection

Window films are an easy and cost-effective way to reduce the energy bill of an energy-efficient home. With the three best home window film for heat rejection, you can insulate your home, passively cool it, and increase your energy efficiencies while enjoying savings year after year. So get started today and make your home an energy-efficient one.

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