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Coffee and Weight Gain: What Are The Best Coffee Alternatives?

But first, coffee. Coffee is maybe the favorite part of the daily routines of many people around the globe. It is a way of making friends, spending a lazy weekend with a book, staying awake during your night patrolling service or waking up early during the week. Here is one shocking truth for all of you coffee lovers who can’t imagine their mornings without a cup of hot mocha or cappuccino. Coffee can actually make you gain weight, even with all those vitamins and minerals considered excellent antioxidants, that one cup of coffee might cost you more than you think. Since you are looking for an alternative their must be a reason for it, you might be interested on how to stop caffeine jitters during a big event.

How Coffee Affects Weight Gain?

Remember all those frappuccinos, lattes with whipped cream with caramel syrups? You can now forget about any of that if you are willing to try to lose weight. All those artificial sweeteners may sound like perfect zero sugar solutions, but they have the opposite effect. Coffee contains approximately two calories per cup, but adding extra sugar or whipped cream increases your intake of substances your body doesn’t actually need. Excess fats and sugar can only bring you additional kilograms and a bad habit that turns into obsession. It provides energy, but there is a psychological phenomenon that says that only the smell of the coffee in the morning sends signals to our brain to wake us up. This is only one proof that our organism doesn’t need it at all. Plus, if it keeps us awake at night, poor sleep can affect weight gain, say people from weight loss clinic Chicago.

Best Coffee Alternatives

If you need to have a morning ritual and to make it as healthy as possible, try some of these coffee alternatives:

  • Matcha Tea

Matcha is a unique type of green tea made of dried leaves with an earthy taste. It contains caffeine, but it’s a much healthier option than regular coffee. It’s considered an excellent antioxidant, and doctors say that consuming matcha regularly can reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

  • Golden Milk

Golden milk is a hot beverage with no caffeine. It’s made by mixing various spices like ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, and black pepper. You can add honey, cardamom, or vanilla to taste. Its name is golden milk because all these ingredients are mixed with milk of your choice. If you can use non-fat milk, that would be best.

  • Lemon Water

Is there a better way to begin your day than detoxing your body naturally? Providing your body enough vitamin C from the early morning can boost your immunity and provide enough energy for that day. Fill the cup with warm water and add a few drops of fresh lemon juice. If you like ginger, add a bit and drink the mixture slowly to wake up.

If you are not ready to give up your coffee yet, try drinking it in smaller amounts with only a no-calorie sweetener such as stevia and non-fat milk. Coconut milk should do the job, but if you want to spice things up, add cinnamon. On the other hand, if you are willing to try a great alternative, these above are worth trying.

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