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How Does Amazon Know a New Account is Associated with Banned Account?

First of all, let us clarify a few points. Amazon is an eCommerce giant, which means it has each and every tool to inspect, manage and monitor its sellers’ work and operations. It is true that Amazon has everything at its hand, so make sure you know how to work with such a top dog like the Bezos brainchild. What is more important is that no one can avoid punishment at Amazon, because the mover and shaker of eCommerce has already taken care of implementing measures that are design to target rogue sellers.

It feels like we’re regurgitating facts all over again, but let us repeat for the sake of your safety and security on Amazon – this marketplace is famous for its strict policies and requirements, which should be always taken into account when operating a business here. If not, you’ll meet the punishment that is equally famous: Amazon account suspensions.

How Amazon will catch you Red-Handed?

Many sellers decide to open new Amazon seller accounts, after getting their first account suspended. Unfortunately, Amazon, as we already said, has all the tools to catch you red-handed. So, make sure you know how to play! Even if you set up a legal ghost Amazon account, there’s risk of suspension. Here’s the question, how does Amazon identify your connection to the previously-suspended account?

There are various factors that can raise the red flag, and show Amazon’s AI that something wrong is going on. Amazon’s special software, A9, will not only identify related accounts, but will also take care of the rest, and will suspend you.  As we said, there are few aspects that should be consider when selling on Amazon, and now you’ll see them up close.

The easiest way to spot your relation to another account is to detect similar information which appears on both accounts. For example, your previous account was created with your personal bank information, and after getting suspended, you included the same bank info in your newly- created account. Amazon’s software will immediately notice fishy and irregular actions, and will deactivate your Amazon seller account.

Apart from similar information, using a public Wi-Fi can harm your account. There is a possibility that more than one seller will access their Amazon seller account with the same Wi-Fi. Amazon’s software will automatically “think” that you access your accounts from different computers to avoid getting suspended. Here is when your seemingly suspicious actions can cause an Amazon suspension, even though you did not intend to do so.

Separate IP for Accounts

Another thing Amazon software can do is detect whether you are using the same computer or the same IP address. The thing with computers is simple; you just have to access your accounts with different computers. And about IP, it is the “address” which is link to all online activity you make. So, you should also use separate IP addresses for each of your accounts. Remember, everything should be separate!

In fact, if you do everything by the book, a suspension will never knock your door again. Just make sure you create the right atmosphere and provisions that will help you keep everything separate. You can also train your employees, explain how everything works. But, make sure they don’t make the same mistakes that most of the sellers do every day! And hey, if you do get suspended, shoot us a call at Got Suspended? And we’ll help you out with our Amazon reinstatement services!

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