All About Airport Shuttles

America is going airborne. More than one billion people traveled on a US airline in 2019.

Traveling on an airplane is something they all shared in common. But they traveled to the airport in different ways. One popular means is airport shuttles.

What exactly are airport shuttles? What are other ways you can get to the airport? How can you use and ride on a shuttle?

Answer these questions, and you can get to and from an airport in style. Here is your quick guide.

The Basics of Airport Shuttles

Airport shuttles are buses or private cars that transport people to and from an airport. Private organizations run most shuttles to bring people directly to a location, like a hotel. Some popular venues like Disney World also run an airport shuttle so tourists can go straight to their destination.

Some shuttles are indirect, delivering patrons at a location where they connect to public transit. These services are common in major metropolitan areas where patrons may be going to many different locations.

Most services use large buses to transport a lot of passengers at once. But you may see smaller vehicles, especially during low-demand hours like early mornings.

Competing Services

An airport shuttle bus is not the only vehicle you can take to an airport. You can drive your own car, but you will need to park it in a lot. This can cost you a lot of money, especially if you need to park it for weeks.

You can have a friend or relative give you a ride, though many people are reluctant to do so. Traffic around airports can get rather congested, even during the middle of the week.

Private companies let you hire drivers who can take you to the airport. Each company offers its own service, so compare your different options. Visit a website like, then inspect another company.

How to Use an Airport Shuttle Service

Google “airport shuttle near me” to find a service in your area. Nearly all shuttles show a schedule of when they are expected to arrive at your location. They may also give you the time of when you will arrive at the airport.

You should arrive at the airport at least two hours in advance of your departure. Schedule your shuttle accordingly. You may want to leave yourself with extra time in case you run into traffic.

Most shuttles have shelves where you can store your baggage. If you have valuable items, you can keep them with you. Pick a flat seat where you can strap yourself and your belongings in.

Get Into and Out of an Airport

Airport shuttles are your best way to get back and forth between an airport. They are private buses that can bring passengers to specific locations. Many hotels and theme parks offer them.

Alternatives include bringing your own car, though this is expensive. Friends may not always be available, and private cars can also be pricey.

Schedule a shuttle service, so you have plenty of time to get through security. Keep your luggage with you at all times, and wear a seatbelt.

Traveling through an airport is another topic entirely. Follow our coverage for airport and air travel guides.

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