Above the Crowd: How to Make Your Product Stand Out

It’s no secret that the retail market is arguably one of the most competitive. With thousands of products trying to sell the same thing, it comes with no surprise that some businesses die before even reaching their 10th year in the industry.

Obviously, you don’t want your business to be one of the casualties. However, is it possible for a rookie stand out and compete against companies that are staples in the market? Are there tricks on getting ahead of the game? We can’t answer this with a simple yes or no. Perhaps a list of tips will help.

How to Make Your Product Stand Out

The only guarantee that your product will win, or at least be at par with giant competitors, is that if you have something new to offer, or you can do something better than them. In all industries, standing out is the key to victory, and that’s what we came here for.


You’ve probably heard of the old adage that goes, “less is more.” That cannot be truer than in product design. Simplicity is always better than going all out, especially in today’s world when minimalism is on the hype. There’s no point in putting everything in your packaging if the texts are too small for the consumer to read. Keep it concise yet edgy.

Invest in Design

Do you remember the old products that used generic packaging? Us neither, and that’s exactly the point. No one will remember your product if it looks just like the previous one. Avoid run-of-the-mill designs and consult the help of a professional ad agency to get the balance between simplicity and creativity.

Design Appropriation

It’s important to note that just because you need to avoid generic designs doesn’t necessarily mean that you should start putting just about anything that looks good on the packaging. If your product design does not at all tell what your product is, it would only be conflicting for the customer as it will look out of place. Make sure that the design is still appropriate for what you’re trying to sell.

The Importance of Color

It would also be incalculably helpful if you understand the psychology of color in marketing. Every color incites a certain emotion or mood in people, and this is vital in establishing a relationship between your customer and what your product offers. There’s not really a single color that will guarantee the success of your product. You just have to make sure that the color combination you choose conveys what your product is offering.

Packaging Concept

Yes, even the shape and size of your product’s packaging matter a lot. Consumers are always looking for convenience, and if your product is compact, makes good use of space, or is generally easier to carry, then you can tilt the tables in your favor. For example, incorporating handles in the packaging especially when you’re selling huge products is essential in keeping the customers from dropping it accidentally.

Use Images

While it’s important to include texts about your product in the packaging, you may also want to know that there is a shrinking attention span in consumers as we currently enter the digital age. This means that if your product has huge blocks of text, customers would most likely shy away from it. Instead, what catches the attention span of customers are images. Images tell a story, and you can easily sell your product by summarizing the entire purpose of it in a single image.

Honesty Is Important

Your business won’t grow just by making initial sales. Even if you get away with false advertising, it’s only a matter of time before your business crumbles down. In order to have repeating customers, you need to be honest about your product. Besides, if your product is cutting-edge in the first place, you don’t have to lie your way into the consumers’ hearts. Making promises to your customers is helpful, but it’s those products that have fulfilled their promises that stay in the industry.

How to Use

Another clever method in using the packaging to sell your product is to include a tutorial of sorts. Some products, especially those that are unique and trying to offer something new, would often fail because consumers simply don’t understand how they’re used. Putting images and a quick guide on the packaging is helpful for your product.

If your product is already good enough on its own, the only thing you need to worry about is how to reach a wider market, let people know that you exist, and encourage them to try what you offer. There are hundreds of faces of marketing, and your packaging design is definitely one you should pay attention to

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