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7 Things To Consider When Remodeling Your Home

A study by Today’s Homeowner indicates that around 55% of American homeowners refurbished some parts of their residences in 2021. Many of them just wanted to give their homes a facelift, expand their living spaces, or boost the overall value of their properties.

If you’re living in Pasadena, California, this is the best time to embark upon a home renovation project. That’s because house prices in Pasadena are up 7.7% compared to 2022, promising a great ROI on even minor renovation ideas. So, how should you go about remodeling your home?

Home Reno Tips You Should Remember

This article will discuss some essential factors for a seamless and satisfying home renovation experience.

1. Interview Different Contractors

The journey to successful home renovation begins with finding the right contractor for the job (unless you plan on doing DIY remodeling work at home). So, look for remodeling contractors in Pasadena, get quotes from at least three companies, and compare bids to find the most suitable one.

Compare different contractors by looking at their experience, online reputation, and quality of previous work. Bear in mind that the cheapest contractor isn’t always the best person for a delicate refurbishing job.

2. Select High-ROI Home Reno Ideas

Choose work that maximizes your house’s value and gives the best return on investment. Prioritize the renovation ideas most popular in your local housing market by:

Going for energy-efficiency

Pasadena is already an expensive city, with the cost of living 67% higher than the national average. So, the heating and cooling expenses alone can set you back $400 to $500 a month! You should invest in energy-efficient home modifications to make your home more comfortable without breaking the bank.

Contact Pasadena Window Replacement experts to replace old-fashioned windows with energy-efficient options. These fiberglass custom-designed windows are a perfect solution to all your HVAC problems.

Energy-efficient windows keep your house warm in the winter, saving you money on energy bills.

Setting long-term goals

Remodel your home by keeping your family’s future in mind; select long-term renovation projects, such as roof or siding replacement. Choose durable materials and timeless designs that won’t quickly go out of style. That’s how you can recoup most of your investment decades into the future when reselling the place.

3. Set A Budget For The Whole Project

It’s pretty normal for your remodeling plans to exceed the expected price range. Surveys show that over 30% of homeowners end up spending more on renovation plans than they can afford, bringing down the overall ROI of the projects. So, follow these tips to create a budget:

home renovation
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  • Research the costs of materials, labor, and permits
  • Prioritize the key areas of your house when remodeling
  • Try to negotiate prices with contractors and suppliers tactfully
  • Dedicate around 10-20% of the budget to unforeseen expenses

4. Get All The Necessary Permits

Don’t forget that some home upgrades require permits from the city government. If your remodeling projects are aimed toward reselling or refinancing your home in the future, then make sure your living space complies with codes and regulations.

Consult with your remodeling contractor to find out which building permits are necessary for you. In general, you need to obtain the following docs.


If remodeling requires rewiring or installing new circuits, then obtain electrical permits.


This permit is necessary for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system installations.


Tearing down a part of your property can be hazardous and requires a demolition permit.


If the contractor is planning to remove a tree for remodeling, then get an environmental permit.


Since you live in Pasadena, consider getting a floodplain permit from the relevant authorities.

5. Get An Airtight Remodeling Contract

Beware of scammers who might defraud you of your hard-earned cash. Studies show that 1 in 10 people have been victims of home improvement scams in the past, losing an average of $2,426. So, always insist on creating an airtight contractor with the remodeling professional that includes the following details:

  • Payment schedule
  • Grounds for termination
  • Permits, approvals, and guarantees
  • Which projects fall under this contract?
  • What happens if the project gets delayed?

A well-written remodeling contract with protective clauses protects you from ill-intentioned contractors who try to use vague language and hidden details to rip you off.

6. Be Realistic About The Timeline

Even minor renovations take longer than expected due to many unforeseen circumstances, e.g., delays in getting permits, shortage of home reno supplies, workers not being available, or weather conditions being unfavorable.

For instance, the sheer cost of lumbar forced many homeowners to pause their remodeling ideas back in the summer of 2023. So, you have to be realistic about the remodeling timeline.

7. Be Prepared For A Hectic Few Weeks

Finally, you should prepare for the remodeling project and consider how it’ll affect your daily life. How are you going to cope with all that noise and disturbance? Here’s what we propose you do:

Prepare for the project

Make sure your family knows how hectic the next few days (or even months) are going to be. Remove all your valuables and breakables from the areas where construction guys are going to work. Expect some parts of your beautiful home to resemble a construction site for the weeks to come.

Make a renovation-free zone

If you insist on living in your house, then it’s better to assign a certain part of your residence as a “reno-free zone.” That’s the place where you and your family can stay away from all the dust and debris.


If you’re planning to remodel your residence this winter, the tips mentioned above will help you follow through with this exciting yet intricate endeavor. Start by choosing an ideal Pasadena-based contractor, creating a remodeling budget, and obtaining the necessary permits.

Go with high-ROI remodeling ideas that don’t just ass value to your home but also save money on energy bills and add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

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