7 Signs You Should Consider Getting a Divorce

Have you and your spouse been fighting a lot recently? Are you now questioning whether or not your marriage will make it? If so, there’s a pretty good chance that you should consider getting a divorce.

Actually, there are a variety of signs that can indicate that your marriage is beyond saving. If you have been putting off visiting a divorce lawyer because you’re afraid of calling it quits, there is no time better than the present to begin the conversation.

Read on for some of the signs that you should get a divorce.

1. When Communication Breaks Down

When communication breaks down in a marriage, it can become a sign that a divorce is a viable option. Although couples should always attempt to resolve any communication issues before separating, sometimes divorce may become the best option.

When the couple finds that their fights become increasingly more frequent and intense, it is another sign of a breakdown in communication. Finally, if the couple reaches a point of despair where they cannot communicate at all, and if they have tried multiple techniques to fix the communication breakdown, then it might be time to consider filing for divorce.

2. When Boredom Sets In

When boredom sets in marriage, divorce should be considered. If the spark has gone out of a relationship, and the spouses don’t enjoy spending time or engaging in activities together, this is a cause for alarm. If one or both partners feel consistently uninspired during their time together, this may be a sign of a deeper issue.

The conversations between them become stale and repetitive, this can be a symptom of a void in the marriage. If the two partners cannot bring out the best in each other and are no longer provided true companionship, then a split may be in order. Ultimately, if they feel unfulfilled in the relationship, they should both examine whether or not a divorce is a more suitable option.

3. When Contempt Becomes the Norm

When contempt becomes the norm in a marriage, it is usually a sign that the relationship has reached a point of no return. This may include verbal insults, name-calling, and belittling behavior that can manifest itself in various ways. Couples may resort to lying to one another, constantly arguing, and other hostile behaviors.

When these signs are allowed to dominate the marriage and communication is nonexistent, it is often time to consider a divorce. Getting professional help to discuss the situation of divorce vs legal separation is highly recommended so that couples can make an informed decision about the future of their relationship.

4. When Financial Concerns Take Priority

When financial concerns take priority in a marriage, there are numerous signs that a couple should get a divorce. One such sign is coupled with not discussing their finances. This can be symptomatic of trust issues or a lack of understanding throughout the relationship.

If a couple only focused on the financial aspects in their life, the emotional and physical needs of the relationship start getting ignored or neglected. Additionally, if a couple is no longer interested in doing things together or enjoying shared moments, this can be a sign of an underlying financial pressure that has had a negative effect on their relationship.

5. When Your Spouse Becomes Abusive

If you find yourself in a situation where your spouse is abusing or becoming increasingly abusive, it is time to consider that a divorce may be the safest option. Some red flags that signify taking action include a lack of respect for your personality, making it difficult for you to state your opinion or make any decisions, continuously manipulating you, and acting violently or cruelly.

Remember that you deserve to be treated with respect and should ever be subject to any sort of abuse. If your spouse is not willing to change their behavior, a divorce is a solution that would protect you and your family from potential harm. It is your right to feel safe and secure in your relationship, and if your spouse can no longer provide that, it is time to consider a divorce.

6. Loss of Intimacy

Lack of intimacy between two married individuals could be an early sign that the marriage is on its way to an end. Intimacy can come in many forms, such as physical, emotional, and verbal. A decrease in any of these can be damaging to a marriage.

If both sides are no longer expressing physical affection, having honest conversations, openly communicating emotions, and generally being comfortable in each other’s presence, then it can be an indicator they should think about getting a divorce. This can include not sleeping in the same bed or avoiding physical contact during the day.

7. Unresolved Conflict and Constant Arguing

When unresolved conflict and constant arguing become a daily occurrence in a marriage, it is usually an indication that the relationship might not be salvageable. If you and your spouse cannot agree on anything and fighting easily leads to shouting and name-calling, it might be time to consider getting a divorce.

When the same things keep coming up in arguments with no resolution in sight, it’s probably an indication that your marriage is no longer working. If you’re avoiding each other out of habit more than spending time together as a couple, it’s time to consider whether getting a divorce might be the best solution.

Signs of Getting a Divorce You Should Not Ignore

Divorce can be a difficult decision, but often the earlier you address the issue, the better the outcome. If you find yourself with signs of getting a divorce, it’s time.

Don’t put this off – contact a marriage counselor to help you navigate the separation in the best way possible.

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