The Top 7 Benefits of Hiring Managed IT Services

Tech is something you can’t ignore in today’s world. It’s changing all the time, and businesses everywhere are doing everything they can to keep up. In fact, 80% of companies plan to maintain or grow their IT operations during the following year.

That means you need to do everything you can to keep pace.

If you want to improve your IT operations, managed IT services are a great way to accomplish your goal. Keep reading to learn seven benefits that you’ll see when working with a managed IT company.

If you want to improve your IT operations, managed IT services are a great way to accomplish your goal. Keep reading to learn seven benefits that you’ll see when working with a managed IT company.

1. Predictable Costs

Managed IT services are a great option for businesses looking to get better IT performance for lower costs. Many managed IT service providers have negotiated lower pricing with leading vendors in the IT industry.

Your business can take advantage of those vendor price cuts because the managed IT provider purchases products in large volumes, unlike small and mid-sized companies that may be negotiating directly with vendors.

A managed services provider will also save you staffing costs. It’s expensive to hire someone to work for you full time. With an IT provider, you only have to pay their monthly fee and let them handle finding IT talent.

2. Better Security

Internet security is a big issue for businesses today. Many of your sensitive business operations have moved online. That means businesses are now a big target for hackers.

Managed IT services can help your business stay more secure. Your provider will keep up to date on the latest security trends and are in a position to advise you on getting better security for your online operations.

When you first start working with a provider, they’ll set up your business with a reliable firewall and malware scanner. These tools will protect your business from data breaches and other threats while you get to know the managed IT provider’s team.

If you work in a regulated industry like healthcare or finance, your IT provider will make sure you follow all data privacy laws for your industry. These regulations are complex, so it pays to have an expert familiar with them to ensure your business follows the rules.

3. File Backups

Your data is one of your most essential assets in business. It isn’t only there for historical purposes. With the right software, you can get valuable insights that help you make intelligent business decisions.

It’s a problem when an unexpected disaster happens that causes you to lose your data. Many businesses have been hit by computer viruses, natural disasters, and equipment failure. Each of those things can cause data loss.

A managed services provider will help you create a backup system to protect your data. Instead of starting from scratch when you lose information, you can restore your files by clicking a few buttons.

4. 24/7 Support

In a world where people work from home and in the evenings more than ever, you need an IT infrastructure that supports those people. A problem with hiring an in-house IT staff is that your team won’t work during the evenings. If you want support at those times, you’ll need to hire someone for that shift.

That isn’t a problem with an IT provider. They have teams that work during any shift you require. When you source Visual Edge technicians, you can rest easy at night knowing your team can get work done without your tech breaking.

5. Help With Vendors

Businesses today use a lot of hardware and software to run their businesses. It isn’t uncommon for a company to have contracts with at least five different companies. The problem comes when something breaks and you need support.

It’s hard for someone without tech experience to describe technical problems and get in touch with the right person to fix the problem. They’ll end up on the phone for hours to get their issue resolved and lose most of their day.

The best managed IT services have relationships with the big players in the tech space. Just call up your support representative, and they’ll get in touch with the right person so they can resolve your tech problems.

6. New Tech

Your business needs to keep up with changes in the tech world if you want to stay competitive. However, if you go out on your own and try to buy the latest technology, you can waste valuable time and money. You might not be able to get all of the licensing agreements in place or you may not have technicians with the skills needed just yet.

A managed provider can act as a bridge to that technology. They’ll be on top of new products and can help you figure out whether it makes sense to use them.

7. Proactive Monitoring

If you don’t want to risk downtime, you need proactive monitoring of your IT operations. A managed services provider can help businesses get the right tech in place to analyze their network and make sure it stays in tip-top shape.

A proactive approach to IT monitoring can let you know about potential problems before they affect your business. You can head off downtime by addressing small issues before they become big problems. Your IT team will receive alerts about potential problems and take care of them before anybody notices problems.

Managed IT Services Will Make the Difference

It’s hard to deny the benefits of managed IT services once you see everything they have to offer. You won’t only get the benefits of a working IT infrastructure, but will also save time that will allow you to focus on your core business. Get in touch with a managed IT services provider today to get started.

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