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6 Outdoor Upgrades that Will Easily Increase the Value of Your Home in 2021

If you’re thinking about selling your home, you’ve probably made a long list of things to improve indoors. And, when it comes to the outdoors, you probably only consider a major garden and yard clean-up.

There are actually several other ways to drastically improve the appearance of your exterior space. Whether you install a few of the outdoor blinds Melbourne contractors have available or simply improve the lighting, any changes can have a vastly positive effect.

Effective Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Exterior

Enhancing the exterior of your property doesn’t only improve the general aesthetics but can also offer added recreational benefits. You might not want to sell your home immediately but would like to start the process of upgrading the exterior. Read on to get an idea of the most popular exterior additions trending in 2021.

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1. Install Outdoor Blinds

A quick and easy way to modernise the exterior of your home is to install outdoor blinds. Not only do blinds instantly improve house value, but they also protect your home against rain, winds, and harsh sunlight.

Outdoor blinds can also turn an open space like a veranda into a closed area where you can entertain guests throughout the year. An outdoor blinds company will easily be able to provide you with a quote on installing blinds in your most prominent areas.

2. Replace Garage and Front Doors

When you stand in front of your house, ask yourself how appealing your home looks from the street. Looking at your house from this angle relates to curb appeal. It’s the first view potential homeowners get of your home. And, as we all know, first impressions are crucial.

One of the quickest ways to give your home’s exterior a facelift is to replace the garage and front doors. Upgrading to current doors will rapidly improve the look and value of your home. The plus point is you can choose doors to accentuate your current exterior features.

3. Build an Outdoor Fire Pit

Fire pits are currently all the rage. Everyone who has the slightest space available in their backyards is investing in one. With the variety of shapes, sizes, and materials available, it’s amazingly easy to find a fire pit that suits your current outdoor style. Some fire pits double as a coffee table so it’s a great way to enhance your external entertainment area.

Until your home is sold you can use the fire pit to create memories on summer evenings. Sharing fun stories and roasting marshmallows is a great way to spend long summer evenings.

4. Refresh Your Landscape

Having a green and luscious front yard will instantly increase the possibility of a home sale. Clearing out excessive shrubbery and updating the garden will do wonders for your exterior. With the increased focus on environmentally friendly homes, it’s a good idea to plant trees.

Another idea for a landscape upgrade is to invest in stone planters and even a flagstone walkway. Improving the general area in front of the entrance and the garage is a good way to give your home an elegant overhaul. Installing a cost-effective sprinkler system is a great way to keep the landscape in top shape and simultaneously boost the property value.

5. Install a Backyard Patio

If you’re considering installing a fire pit, you might go one step further and turn an available space into a patio. A backyard patio area will create a space where you and your family can spend summer evenings enjoying the outdoors alfresco.

An added advantage here is that you can enclose the area with a stylish mesh outdoor blind to match your décor. That way you can enjoy the outdoors without being affected by weather elements. If you already have a patio, you could just give it a modern upgrade.

6. Add Outdoor Lighting

If you don’t have much outdoor lighting, it’s a good idea to invest in some. Lighting throughout the garden and backyard won’t only discourage burglars but will also create a fairy-tale-like atmosphere. It might sound like an extra burden on your energy bill but investing in low-voltage options will minimise the effect. Solar lighting is also worth considering.

Lining your newly installed patio or walkway with a series of up-to-date lighting options will create a picturesque entrance to your property. Adding lighting to your patio area will enhance the overall entertainment experience.

Final Thoughts

Adding upgrades to your outdoor exterior will go a long way to improving the overall aesthetics of your home. It’s an instant way to add a contemporary look to an older, perhaps dated home. Even if you aren’t going to sell your home immediately, it might be financially sound to start the process with one renovation at a time.

When you’re considering different renovations, consider how much the future maintenance would cost a potential homeowner. It’s a certainty that high-maintenance additions will scare future buyers away. So, do it yourself and you increase your chances of a quick sale!

Upgrades should be cost-effective, easy to maintain and add to the recreational value! The advantage is, you can use the renovations until you sell your home!

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