6 Gorgeous Yellow Gemstones

Move over, diamonds.

Yellow gemstones are a girl’s newest best friend.

Fading from popularity are the famous gemstones that we associate with Marilyn Monroe, classic fashion statements from decades past, and wedding bands.

This is true for Millenials, at least, who are opting for more affordable options.

Let’s take a look at six yellow gems that are not only less expensive than diamonds, but stunning pieces that will add nuance to any item in your wardrobe.

1. Citrine

These yellow crystals fluctuate in both color and illustriousness. If you favor warmer tones such as red or orange, there’s a citrine gem for your every mood.

In terms of value, shinier citrine crystals are worth more than those that are dimmer. They’re also a durable choice, making them more wearable than other crystals.

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2. Sapphire

Sapphires often chalk up images of illustrious and sophisticated blues, but did you know they come in yellow, too?
Like citrine, there’s no shortage of shades to admire. You’ll find some that are orangey or red, while others boast beautiful yellow shades like lemon or canary.

3. Topaz

Unlike sapphire, topaz is well known for its yellow hue. This November birthstone is occasionally found as pinks, blues, and purples, but yellow topaz is both the most common and most affordable.

One unique aspect about the topaz is its pleochroic nature. This means you catch a spectrum of colors when you admire these yellow gems from every angle.

4. Tourmaline

Tourmaline is another pleochroic gem that radiates a gorgeous array of colors in the light. This October birthstone is better known as a black gem, however, since it absorbs so much light.

Although yellow tourmaline gemstones are quite rare, they’re a worthy choice of purchase and an invaluable addition to your jewelry collection.

5. Jade

Jade stands out from the other yellow gems for its smooth, tough texture. Like its sister citrine, yellow jade belongs to the quartz family and varies from transparent to opaque. Semi-transparent jade is considered the most valuable.

Another unique facet of these gemstones is their regal history. Green jade, aptly called “imperial jade,” has been a symbol of status and wealth in China for more than 9,000 years.

6. Opal

Just when you think there are too many yellow crystals to fawn over, wait until you hear about the three different kinds of yellow opals: fire, moss, and cat’s eye.

Where to even begin?

Fire opals are known for their flashy vibrancy, while yellow moss opals are known for their cloudy, opaque finish.

Lastly, cat’s eye opals mesmerize us with the dazzling strip that cuts through the middle of the gem. This happens because inclusions in the gem reflect light in a straight line.

Find the Yellow Gemstones That Best Suit You

Next time you go shopping for crystals, rest assured that there’s something out there other than diamonds. Not only are some of these yellow gemstones more affordable, but they’re a unique choice for statement jewelry.

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