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The 5 Worst Things to Put Down Your Disposal

A clogged sink drain is one of the most common plumbing problems people encounter in their homes. This usually results from throwing harmful materials down your garbage disposal. Food waste that slips through the garbage disposal untouched can form a blockage down the pipes and require and blocked drains Newcastle plumber to fix the problem. Avoid a plumbing disaster by using your house drains properly.

Here are 5 things you should not put down your disposal:


1. Bones

Garbage disposals are not designed to handle extremely hard items like bones. Dropping bones down your disposal can either cause the device to break or clog your plumbing. Avoid both these troublesome situations by reaching for the trash can.


2. Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds may seem harmless, but they are usually the reason behind clogged drains. They stick to wet surfaces and become hard to remove over time.


3. Fats and grease

Think twice before pouring fats and grease down your drain, as it can cause a lot of plumbing problems. Fats can also make the blades of your garbage disposal dull and less effective in grinding food waste.


4. Pasta

Another food item that you should keep away from your garbage disposal is pasta. Pasta absorbs water and will keep on expanding until it clogs your drain. If you accidentally throw pasta down your disposal, immediately run it down with cold water to flush it thoroughly.


5. Eggshells

It is time to break the bad habit of throwing eggshells down your disposal and dispose of them properly outside. You can either toss them in the trash or use them in your garden to add nutrients to your potted plants.

What to do with stubborn clogs?

To get rid of serious drain clogs, ask for the help of a licensed and skilled plumber. Calling for a professional plumbing repair at first sight of the problem will help you avoid a full-blown plumbing emergency. Get in touch with your trusted local plumbing company now!

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