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5 Ways to Increase Storage Space at Home

If you grew up in Fort Myers, chances are that you spent your childhood living in a large and spacious house where you and your family had more than sufficient space. However, with the rising cost of housing in Florida, where the number of homes sold has decreased by 17.4% year-over-year (source: Redfin), it’s likely that your home today is but a fraction of the size of your childhood home. As such, it is likely that lack of storage space is a very problem for you.

Of course, when you first moved into your own place, you had a blank slate to play around with, and it felt like there was plenty of space. However, as time passed, you may have acquired so many personal items and furniture pieces that your house has begun to resemble a museum. While that may be an aesthetic for some, for most of us, living in such a space is quite uncomfortable.

Overcrowding your home can really take away the beauty, charm, and comfort of the space. Fortunately, there are many easy ways you can increase storage space at home and make your house feel less cluttered. Read on to find out more.

1. Get a Storage Unit

The very thing on our list today is a storage unit. Let’s be practical and understand that there is no way you can adjust an overcrowded house to make space without removing some items. However, since you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you don’t have the heart to permanently part with your belongings.

If that is the case, a storage unit is a fantastic option for you. There are plenty of safe and convenient companies for self storage Fort Myers that allow you to rent a storage unit with 24/7 access. Now, be honest with yourself—go over everything you own and identify pieces you don’t use.

Whether it’s your grandmother’s china cupboard or that Marvel beanbag you had as a tween, anything that holds sentimental value but does not have functionality needs to be put in storage. With your unused items safely tucked away in a storage unit, you will instantly have more space and storage space at home.

2. Add Shelving

Once you’ve decluttered the non-essentials, it is time to move on to your personal belongings that are lying around the house. Items such as food staples, crockery, books, plants, etc., can take up a lot of space if there is no dedicated spot for them. An easy way to make more space for storage is by adding shelving.

Go over your rooms and find empty walls that don’t have any utility. To build your shelves, just head down to your local Home Depot or IKEA and get simple wall brackets. With a drill machine, you can easily install these shelves within minutes. Carefully plan your wall so that the shelves you install are placed in a manner that is pleasing to look at.

Once you’re done, get to arranging your things. To add an aesthetic element, use small art and décor pieces wherever space permits. These small additions will make the shelves look beautiful and thoughtfully designed. Plus, now all your stray belongings have a home!

3. Identify Unused Spaces

In most homes, there is a lot of potential for storage space hiding in plain sight. However, we fail to identify these spots due to our tunnel vision. If increasing storage space is a priority for you, get out of your head and try to examine your home with a fresh perspective. This will help you identify unused spaces that can be used for storage.

For instance, there is a huge amount of space that usually goes to waste under the bed. However, if you’re smart about it, you can utilize this space for storage by installing under-the-bed drawers. These are pull-out drawers that can be fixed under the bed and make for a great storage option. You can keep your winter clothes, shoes, linens, and so much more in this little space.

Another great example of unused spaces is nooks. Those awkward little spaces you have in different rooms around the house can be a fantastic storage spot. Since a nook is depressed against the wall, you already have 3 sides of a cupboard ready. All you need to do is add shelving and doors to create a fully functional storage spot.

4. Clean and Organize

A messy house can also look insanely crowded. Therefore, it is important to clean and organize your home if you truly want to increase storage space. To create a functional and relaxing space, it is important that everything in your house has its own home where it belongs. For instance, a fresh towel can be placed in the bedroom wardrobe, but it should not because it belongs in the laundry cupboard.

Organizing is something that a lot of people struggle with. However, the internet is a great tool that can help you figure it out. For instance, there is an entire section of TikTok (known as CleanTok) that deals specifically with organizing and cleaning, and the content creators share fantastic tips and tricks that can help you get started.

Just go on Amazon and find your preferred storage supplies, such as baskets, drawers, glass bottles, and other types of containers and boxes that you can use to store items. And before you know it, you will be well on your way to creating your own ASMR-inspired organized home.

5. Invest in Storage Furniture

Last but not least is our favorite way to increase storage space at home. That is simply swapping out your existing furniture for storage furniture. Storage furniture is any piece of furniture that has built-in storage. By investing in pieces that are beautiful as well as functional, you can really create the home of your dreams.

There are many pieces of furniture that offer storage options, such as sofas, beds, ottomans, tables, etc. All these have drawers underneath them, or you can simply open the top, much like a box lid. With storage furniture, you can tuck away everything right in front of you in easily accessible spots.

Final Words

Having sufficient storage space at home is very important as without it, your house is bound to become cluttered and messy. By following the above guidelines, you can increase your storage space and build a house that is spacious and well-organized.

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