5 Tips for Designing Firefighter Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have a storied past in the United States, with their history dating back to the peak of World War One. They quickly became a sign of unity and belonging to a select group of individuals and a fierce source of pride. Firefighter challenge coins are a modern evolution of the challenge coin, and they’re essential to promote the bond that public service members share.

Designing different types of challenge coins is difficult, but knowing the basics of design will aid you in creating a coin your fellow firefighters will be proud of. Fortunately, you’ve found this helpful guide to making custom challenge coins for your group or organization.

Continue reading for five tips to start designing and collecting challenge coins today!

1. Tell a Story

The goal of a challenge coin is to communicate a bond and tell the story of a unit or department. Use a story as a primary ingredient to your firefighter challenge coins that has importance to the group you belong to. Having the story together allows you to come up with design elements that fit with your firehouse and represent your fellow firefighters.

It’s best to focus on the broad aspect of the story. Choose a single symbol to represent the story for peers in public service.

2. Use Strong Imagery

Choosing the imagery for your challenge coins representing the community you serve and the aspects of working as a firefighter is also essential. The image you select will dominate the challenge coin’s face, so it must be impactful and relevant. A firehouse is a perfect option for the challenge coins firefighter dreams of owning.

3. Add Color

Color will make your custom challenge coins stand out for the best reasons. They’ll catch the eyes of others in the bar or at the gathering, and the design will pop from the coin. Too many colors will overwhelm your challenge coins, but a bit of color makes the design look stunning.

4. Keep It Simple

Simplicity is best when designing challenge coins for your unit or firehouse. Find an image that says more than words can, and add simple text to convey the perfect message. You could include each firefighter’s name or a unit slogan to further your established bonds.

5. Use the Back

The back is another canvas you can use when designing your firefighter challenge coins. A blank back will result in a challenge coin that looks incomplete. Use the front of your coin as the stunning and captivating part, and allow the back to convey a more in-depth message.

Design Your First Firefighter Challenge Coins Today

Designing and creating firefighter challenge coins for your comrades in the firehouse is an excellent way to bond with fellow firefighters and build a sense of unity. Keep your design simple, and share a story with your design that your firehouse relates to. Color is another vital ingredient with custom challenge coins, but keep the design simple to avoid a busy design.

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