5 Secure Places You Can Store Your Digital and Analog Files

Documents are very necessary for both businesses and our personal files because they play many roles. They can also contain information on certain contractual agreements or proof or evidence of ownership of properties. Disasters can happen at any time and can lead to the loss of essential files and documents. When valuable information is lost, it can have severe consequences according to the importance.

Document storage should be prioritized, especially sensitive ones containing medical reports, social security information, religious and academic certificates, financial and bank reports, or statements. They should be stored where they can be safe and easily accessible. Even though digital storage is becoming popular, you still need to store your physical documents properly; here are secure places you can do that.

Online Storage Options

Cloud Storage

One of the safest ways to store your information with digital documents is by storing them in the cloud, editing your document whenever you can with tools like PDFBear. This tool allows you to convert PDF to Word online and vice versa. You are assured that you can easily convert files into PDF, whether they are in Android, Windows, or iOS.


This converter works online, and it converts your files quickly without wasting your time. When converting or editing any file, you can rest assured that your files would remain intact.

With a good network connection, you can convert your stored documents anytime and anywhere. PDFBear also deletes your files permanently from its server once you are done with the conversion process.

Google Drive

The cloud has given us the ability to store our files online rather than on a physical hard drive, but it has also introduced a few problems of its own. Issues with privacy and cost are the main barriers to cloud storage. There is also downtime when servers experience power outages or hardware malfunctions. In addition, when you use an online storage service, you may need to share your file with people you don’t know or trust – and that’s not always a safe choice.

Google Drive offers many different ways for users to store their files online without worrying about these issues. One of them is that Google offers unlimited storage for all of their users – even those who are not paying subscribers; this means that there will never be any downtime, and you can transfer files anytime. Also, Google Drive is secure, and you have the option of reporting sketchy files.


Dropbox is a cloud storage hosting service. It was founded in 2007 in the United States and has its headquarters in San Franciso, California. Since then, Dropbox has grown to be one of the dominant players in the cloud storage market. The company offers online text editor, document editing, and version tracking tools to create, open, manage, edit, and share text-based documents online or from a mobile device.

Dropbox is an excellent tool for storing your account’s files online and accessing them from any device with an internet connection. It allows users to store files online to be shared easily with others or synced across devices. Dropbox has many benefits as an online hosting service for businesses to store and sync their documents.

Analog Storage Options

Cabinet With Lock and Key

To store documents in a cabinet, you will have to have a durable cabinet at home or the office for your documents that are not digital. In considering this, you would have to get a cabinet that will be fireproof for extra protection. If it has a code, keep it to yourself to avoid theft or breaking in. In emergency cases, you might give the key to the cabinet to someone you might trust when you are not around. There are different types of cabinets made with materials like wood and even steel. Choose a suitable cabinet material according to your budget.



Documents can be stored and kept on shelves located in different parts of your home. These are mainly used to keep books or journals and magazines you read frequently. House owners who are lovers of books and magazines would not need to worry over where they can be placed when they have shelves. Shelves can help in the formation of a decorative wall at home. These shelves should be in your own space or bedroom where people and rodents will not have access to them.


Drawers beside your sleeping bed can be or serve as a short-term storage place for some of your documents, like the driver’s license you use daily. When they are placed in drawers, they can be easily accessed by the owner. Another reason one needs to store them in drawers is that drawers can easily be reachable and stored with a lock and key.

A Safety Deposit Box

This last option might be expensive, but it is worth the money. A safe deposit can be installed if there are sensitive documents that require extra protection. You will have to reach an agreement on who will have access to the box. There might also be passwords, passcodes, or even retina scanners needed to access them. You can also save your documents in safety deposit boxes located in well-secured places like banks. They will also protect your documents with an alarm system and report unauthorized access attempts.


No one wants to lose their valuable documents over carelessness and neglect. That is why it is essential to choose the best storage option for you and your household. There are many ways to ensure that your files are intact and reduce the risk of losing them.

To merge and combine pdf files into one file, PDFBear is also the quickest tool to achieve this goal and plan. Converting PDF files is hassle-free, and the instructions on the site can be easily followed. When you can store your documents online, you can send or share them with friends, family members, or your team. For online storage options like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and others, one can access their documents with an internet connection.

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