5 Reasons You Might Need to Seek Help from a Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy is an ancient form of treatment that aims to re-establish physical strength and movement in those who have been injured or suffered from an illness. Your GP or hospital may refer you to a physiotherapist through the NHS or it may be that a friend or family member has recommended that you visit a physiotherapist for treatment. Many people are not sure what physiotherapists can do for them and are therefore nervous about their appointment or referral. To negate your fears, here are five reasons you may need to seek help from this type of medical professional.

Following Surgery

You will often be referred to a physiotherapist post-surgery and it can be crucial to your recovery. You will learn how to manage pain and regain movement. The surgery area may feel weaker following surgery as the surgeon may have cut through tendons, nerves, and muscles to get to the affected area. Physiotherapy can help you to regain strength and improve your muscle tone. Ultimately it will help you to get back to your everyday life quicker and with less reoccurring pain.

After Suffering from a Sporting Injury

If you are a keen sportsperson, whether professional or amateur, you may be no stranger to sporting injuries. These occur if you overwork your muscles or strain your tendons. Seeking the help of a physiotherapist South Yorkshire can help you to recover and get you back to the sport you love. You may not automatically be referred to a physio in Barnsley or wherever you are located following a sporting injury, but they are easy to find online for yourself. Whether you are looking for more information on physiotherapy in Barnsley, or a sports massage in Barnsley, check out the ATP Physio Clinic.

Re-Occurring Pain

Pain that re-occurs can be difficult to manage with traditional remedies, such as painkillers. It can be a signal that the damage is more severe than you first thought. If left untreated, it can lead to stiffness and difficulty moving. If this is the case, it is probably time to seek the help of a physiotherapist and get rid of the problem once and for all.

Life Changing Event

A life-changing event can occur in a moment but it can take a lifetime to recover from and many people don’t make a full recovery following an event such as a car accident or stroke. However, seeking the advice of a physiotherapist can help you adapt and learn to do everyday things differently or to help you cope with the changes or lack of movement in your body.

Loss of Flexibility

As you get older you may find that you are not as flexible as you used to be. It may become harder to exercise or carry out daily tasks.  A physiotherapist can teach you some exercises that will improve your flexibility and help you regain movement in your joints and limbs.

Physiotherapists can support you with a variety of different injuries. Most of them are quite happy to discuss your treatment with you before they begin so if you have any doubts or questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

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