5 Questions to Ask Your Optometrist

Did you know that only about 35% of American adults have 20 20 vision?

If you’ve noticed blurriness or halo effects in roadsigns when driving, for instance, then it’s important to get an eyesight test.

It could be possible that you’re far-sighted, near-sighted, or both. In that case, you’ll need a reliable pair of glasses.

Are you wondering how you can get 20 20 vision? Keep reading to learn about the 5 questions you should ask your optometrist on your next visit.

1. What Are My Contact Lens Options?

After your optician has assessed your condition, it’s worth asking about contact lenses. Some people are self-conscious of wearing glasses, so contact lenses could be a solution. The optician will be able to explain all of your options, including disposable contacts or even corneal refractive therapy (CRT).

However, you shouldn’t write off glasses right away. They can take getting used to, but with the right frames, you can actually heighten your looks.

2. What Tests Are You Performing?

There is more than one eye test out there, so you should ask your optometrist what tests they plan on running.

Did you know that IUDs can affect the vision of women? If you have an IUD, then you should get a test that can see if your eyes’ nerves are being pinched or affected in any way.

3. Why Am I Experiencing These Symptoms?

From blurriness to light sensitivity, there is a range of symptoms that come with vision problems.

You should describe your symptoms to your optometrist and ask what they mean. They may be able to diagnose you right away, but it’s still important to get further tests to be sure. If you still have symptoms after getting treated, then it’s crucial to keep your doctor informed of the situation.

4. How Can I Preserve My Vision?

While perfect eyesight is not always possible, there are preventative measures one can take to keep their eyes as healthy as possible. For instance, constant tobacco smoke exposure can lead to eye disease, so you should keep away from smoke.

It’s also important to get enough vitamins, especially vitamin C.

5. Should We Schedule Future Appointments?

Some optometrists may ask you to come for check-ups on a regular basis, while others may ask you to come in only if you are experiencing more symptoms.

This is why it’s something you should ask before leaving your appointment. The Last thing you’d want is for your condition to worsen because your doctor wasn’t able to help with it.

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Do You Want to Get 20 20 Vision?

Now that you’ve learned all about the 5 questions you should ask your optometrist on your next visit, you can get the essential information you need. That way, you’ll leave with 20 20 vision or something even clearer, such as 20 15 vision.

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