5 Key Reasons to Visit a Functional Medicine Clinic

Did you know that many Americans have a fear of going to the doctor? The coronavirus pandemic over the past year and a half has only worsened those fears for many adults in the United States.

If you want to change your doctor, you should consider going to a functional medicine clinic. These doctors often take a more natural and whole body-based approach.

Would you like to learn more about functional medicine? Here are some of the reasons that visiting a functional medicine clinic can change your care and quality of life.

1. Have a Relationship With Your Doctor

Many patients feel that their doctor views them as just a number. However, with a functional medicine doctor, you can get individualized treatment from someone who cares about your health background. Functional medicine doctors focus on many factors, such as family, stress level, and previous problems.

2. Treatment is Based on Systems

Functional family medicine has a unique approach to treating symptoms. Rather than just using medicine to put a metaphorical Band-Aid on a symptom, it looks at the related system. For instance, rather than using antidepressants, a functional medicine doctor may analyze your nutrient levels or physical activity. He or she can look at how all elements work together.

3. Learn About Your Body

Functional medicine doctors help improve your quality of life by explaining why they prescribe a certain treatment. In the process, you will get education on many systems in your body, as well as explanations for your symptoms. You can take the knowledge you learn and apply it to many other areas of your life. Doing yoga, for instance, can relieve sore muscles but also help treat anxiety.

4. Find the Root Cause

Rather than just treating symptoms on the surface, functional medicine has the goal of healing the root cause of your issues. Doctors will do many diagnostic tests to assess things like hormone levels, nutrient intake, and gut health. Medications can mask your symptoms, but you can avoid medicine altogether by fixing the abnormality that caused the symptoms in the first place.

5. Apply Preventive Care

One of the most important aspects of functional medicine is that you can apply what you learn to prevent more health problems in the future. Taking care of your body now means that you will not have to treat advanced illness later on. For example, if you know you are at risk for developing diabetes later in life, you can make lifestyle adjustments such as eating healthier and exercising.

Choose the Best Medicine Clinic

You should not have a fear of going to the doctor for your health issues. When you go to a functional medicine clinic, you can rest assured that you will receive the best holistic treatment.

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