5 Key Factors to Consider Before Getting Dentures

19% of Americans wear dentures.

Getting dentures isn’t a decision you make overnight. With advice and instruction from your dentist, there are many things to consider before you decide to get dentures.

But what are the important things you need to know before getting dentures? If you’re considering dentures to replace missing teeth, here are a few factors you should think about.

1. Benefits of Dentures

One important factor to consider is the benefits of dentures. Dentures replace missing teeth, usually several missing teeth at once. Some types of dentures are removable, and they look like your natural teeth.

Dentures provide you the opportunity to eat, drink, and speak normally. They also give you more confidence in your appearance.

2. Types of Dentures

Dental technology has come a long way to make improvements to dentures. Dentures used to be completely removable, and some types still are. However, there are also implant denture options, which provide a more stable form of dentures.

There are also two different types of dentures: full and partial. Full dentures replace all your teeth, while partial dentures replace a few missing teeth. How many teeth you want to replace determines which type of dentures you choose.

3. The Cost of Dentures

The cost is a major factor in getting dentures. Dentures are one of the more economical choices when it comes to replacing missing teeth. However, the cost depends on what type of dentures you choose, where the location is, and what other procedures you need like x-rays, tooth extractions, or molds.

Even if the cost seems high to you, there are ways to pay for dentures. You can reach out to your dentist’s office to see if they offer payment plans for dentures.

4. How to Clean Dentures

Removable dentures need daily cleaning. This can be done by using a specially formulated cleaner and tools. Most removable dentures need soaking overnight before use the next day.

Your dentist should educate you on how to clean your dentures and other tips for dentures. Properly maintaining the cleanliness and care of your dentures will ensure their longevity.

5. Your Dentist

It’s equally important to locate a dentist who has experience in seeing patients with dentures. This is because an educated and experienced dentist will know what type of dentures work best for you and your situation.

You’ll also want to seek out a compassionate dentist that’s good at listening and meeting your needs and goals. If you don’t have a dentist, you can search for one that’s close to you and see pictures of their work before deciding to move forward.

Getting Dentures for a Functional Smile

Getting dentures is a great choice to restore your mouth to its normal function. When you consider the benefits, cost, and care of dentures you can make the best decision for your health. With dentures, you can feel confident in your smile.

Having healthy teeth is important to the rest of your health. Learn more about how to take care of your teeth on our Health page today.

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