5 Helpful Watch Maintenance Tips

Are you a new fine watch enthusiast? Or maybe you inherited a fine timepiece from a loved one and aren’t sure how to best take care of it?

You’re probably here to better understand how to care for your newfound treasure and allow it to withstand the test of time.

Let’s cover some of the basics of watch maintenance, and learn how practicing these watch cleaning steps can increase the longevity and quality of your watch collection.

1. Clean, but No Soap

Many “professional” blogs will tell you to clean or soak your watch in soap. The major issue with soap is that the tiny particles within soaps can lodge into the watch, causing nearly irreparable stains and damage to your watch over a long period.

For those wondering how to clean a watch, the best way is to gently work away any dirt or grime with a simple microfiber cloth. Use a little water if necessary, but often the cloth will do the trick.

2. Wind Your Watch

Keeping your watch wound allows the internal lubricant to work through the inner mechanism. Daily repetitions are great, but not always necessary. Try to make a habit of doing it on the same day at least every week.

That being said, be careful when you wind your watch. Do so when it’s off and laying on a flat surface and safe from any potential outside harm.

3. Avoid Too Much Sun

You can and should take your watch out with you into the sun on a regular basis, but where the danger comes in is extended sun exposure. That long-term exposure can be detrimental to watch care for a couple of reasons.

If you have a leather strap, the sun will wear out and damage the supple nature of the strap when left out too long. Also, being out too long in the hot sun can damage the internal mechanism, as watches are vulnerable to extreme temperatures.

Wear your watch to your meetings, but leave it at home if you’re gonna spend the day at the beach.

4. Keep It Away From Magnets

As I just mentioned, the internal mechanism of your watch is a very sensitive system. Magnets are capable of ruining the delicate components within your fine watch that make it tell time.

Take a moment to recognize the magnetic objects in your life and plan accordingly to keep your watch away from the magnets you regularly come into contact with.

5. Read Your Entire Manual

Reading your manual can seem daunting or even unnecessary at first, but no two watch models are made alike. While the above steps are useful watch maintenance tips and a solid foundation for starting the process, take the time to learn exactly what your watch needs for the best result.

If you’re looking to buy a watch, Citizen watches are very popular for this reason, as they combine ease of maintenance with high quality for new watch connoisseurs.

Practice Watch Maintenance Today

Whether you have one timepiece or dozens, watch maintenance is a key aspect of owning fine watches. It’s important to know exactly what your watch needs to keep it running as smoothly as possible day after day.

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