3 Innovative Ways to Promote Your Employee Benefit Programs

Employees enjoy utilizing perks such as access to a gym, free lunches, and discount programs. Likewise, new employees are attracted in some part to company benefits packages. However, if candidates and employees are unaware of the depth and variety of your employee benefit program, it is useless.

You’ve taken the time to develop a comprehensive compensation package for your employees. Now it’s time to promote those meticulously curated perks and benefits. You will increase the number of employees accessing benefits, increasing your ROI. You’ll also add to the image and branding of the company.

Ideally, your business will be seen as a caring, giving organization, which in turn will improve employee satisfaction and retention. A great employee benefit program, when marketed well, can also increase the size and quality of your candidate pool. Read on to learn how to promote your perks so that you and your team both benefit from them.

1. Set Up Open Enrollment Meetings

Host a meeting that includes new hires and employees who wish to learn about benefits, the corporate discount program, and perks. Depending on the size of your company and the hiring rate, you could host this type of meeting at different times. For instance, monthly, quarterly, or whenever is best for you.

An open enrollment meeting should be light-hearted and fun. You can even hold it like a party, where employees play trivia or games and are awarded prizes. You could give out gift cards, office plants, or chocolate samplers, for example. Be sure you include pertinent information about programs available to your employees. Discuss how to enroll, how to access the benefits, and how to use them.

While you’ll want to do most of the talking, you’ll also want to include time for questions. An open Q&A session allows team members the opportunity to clarify any confusion. They may even open up a discussion about something you inadvertently missed. These meetings provide understanding about the incentive programs and also give you insights on what is most important to your staff.

2. Use Multiple Channels for Reminders

When sending out reminders regarding your benefits package, it’s OK to immerse your employees in notifications. It is far better for employees to see the message several times. You wouldn’t want someone to approach you after the deadline, having never seen your reminder. Then the deadline has passed, and they are unable to sign up, attend, or otherwise use the benefit.

Channels you could use for reminders include email, internal messaging systems like Slack, social posts, texts, and internal web pages. You can also place signs around the office, such as at the water cooler, in the lunchroom, and even in the restrooms. You want to be sure that everyone has the opportunity to view your correspondence and take part in the program.

Your reminders can be for any number of things. You can send important information that is timely, such as changes to the policy or upcoming deadlines. You may also wish to send general information that may not be time-relevant, like how to sign up, access, or use benefits. You may wish to just send reminders featuring a specific benefit that employees may be interested in, such as on-site healthcare.

3. Distribute Newsletters

Email newsletters are an efficient way of getting the word out about your employee benefits program. When you’re pitching your perks to your employees, you’re essentially marketing, and email is considered one of the most effective channels in that industry. In fact, 79% of marketers place it in their top three. Electronic newsletters can provide interesting information about company perks that your staff may not know about.

Newsletters are an ideal platform for relaying testimonials from current employees about how perks have benefitted them. Perhaps John from accounting has been using the free gym access during his lunch break. He has lost fifteen pounds and feels more energized during the workday. By recognizing John for his accomplishments, you can encourage others to make use of various perks.

When creating your newsletter, use engaging headlines and short paragraphs that are to the point. The style of your newsletter is just as important as the content. Long, rambling sentences make content more difficult to read and comprehend, especially during a busy workday. Separate lists into a bulleted format so they are easy to consume and can be understood at a glance. Include a call-to-action in each article to encourage readers to click through to an enrollment page or register for an event.

Promoting Your Employee Benefits

You could have an amazing benefits package with perks galore, but it’s a waste if employees don’t know about it. The success of your company’s benefits program hinges on effective promotion. It’s not enough to simply offer perks. They must be showcased and celebrated to ensure employees are aware and engaged. The goal is to ignite enthusiasm and participation in the workforce.

These promotion tactics not only inform but also develop a culture of transparency and appreciation within the organization. By spotlighting the benefits and sharing success stories, employers can inspire their team to make the most of what’s available. After all, an outstanding benefits package only truly benefits when it’s fully embraced and utilized by those it’s designed to serve. So, let the promotion begin — because when employees thrive, so does the company.

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