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5 Disgusting Signs Your Property Is Pest Infested

According to the latest census, around 14 million houses in the U.S. have some signs of pests. Many of these are pest-infested due to structural issues, particularly in low-income areas.

The truth is, pests aren’t aware of your financial standing or your home’s condition. Their primary concern is food and shelter, and they’re not fussy about where they find them.

Everyone experiences problems with household pests from time to time. Keep reading to find out if you have a pest problem in your home.

1. Bits and Pieces

Droppings are the most obvious sign of pests.

You may come across rice-shaped pest poop in your cupboards or on your floors that indicate the presence of mice and rats. Cockroaches leave tiny pepper-like pellets behind, and mud tubes made of wood and soil are a sure sign of termites.

Other evidence that indicates the presence of pests includes:

  • Hairs from rats and mice
  • Egg casings
  • Wings
  • Shed skins

These types of debris can help you identify which pest has made itself at home in your space.

2. Damages to Your Home or Belongings

Damage from pests costs homeowners millions of dollars every year, especially in the case of termites. Treating your home regularly against these wood-eating creatures is a vital part of home maintenance.

A rigorous pest prevention program is a vital proactive measure to prevent damage to your home. According to this Terminix high point exterminator, you can treat your home against most pests to stop them from coming back.

3. Your Home Smells Pest-Infested

Unusual, unpleasant smells are a sure sign of a pest infestation. If you have rats and mice in your home, they leave urine trails between their hideouts and sources of food.

So, you’ll notice a distinctive ammonia smell wherever they roam.

You can also detect a musty or oily smell lingering in a cockroach-infested environment.

4. Indoor or Outdoor Nests

Spider webs are an obvious sign that eight-legged predators have moved into your home, but you should also take a close look inside your cupboards for signs of rat nests.

Rats accumulate piles of chewed cardboard and wood to make their nests, and you’ll also notice large amounts of dropping in these areas.

Take a walk around the outside of your home every so often and look for wasp nests, termite mud tubes, and damaged vegetation, which are all signs of nesting pests.

Don’t neglect to inspect dark, isolated areas like your attic and basement; these are the perfect breeding grounds for shy pest species.

5. Trails of Destruction

If you hear the pitter-patter of little feet during the night, there’s a good chance you have unwelcome visitors in your home. If you’re lucky, these imposters may leave a trail of footprints behind that can help identify them.

These trails of prints are also a good way to figure out where they’re hiding and what they’ve been up to while you slept.

Enjoy a Pest-Free Home

Living in a pest-infested home is an unpleasant and unhealthy experience. By keeping a lookout for these telltale signs, you can act quickly against unwelcome pests to ensure a safer environment for your family.

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