5 Common Mistakes with Braces Maintenance and How to Avoid Them

In the United States, less than 30% of adults are born with straight teeth.

What this means is that most of us will have to endure braces either as a child, teenager, or even an adult. Mistakes with braces maintenance can add up quickly, leading to expensive repairs or replacement, but don’t worry, you can avoid these mistakes.

This all may have you wondering, what kind of mistakes are we talking about? Well, they come in many shapes and varieties, but we’re going to cover the five most common mistakes. If you can avoid these, your experience with braces will be much improved.

1. Skipping on Appointments

It is important that you utilize the dentist as a frontline against any problems. Making it to your appointments ensures that you have a professional helping to care for your braces and what they are doing to your teeth. Skipping your regular braces maintenance appointments can be a disaster later on.

2. Eating the Wrong Food

There are foods that work with braces and there are foods that don’t. Eating the wrong thing can, over time, break down and damage the braces. Refer to your dentist so that you have an idea of what you should be eating with braces and what foods you should avoid.

The worst food for braces often comes down to foods like bubble gum and other candy which can get trapped in the braces and is exceptionally difficult to remove. In fact, many common braces issues occur from trapped food and other contaminants.

3. Need to Keep Brushing

Just because you have braces doesn’t mean you get to ignore the regular rituals for tooth-brushing and flossing. Keeping this up will ensure that the braces fit and work correctly and that your teeth stay healthy and protected. Failing to do so can result in many common braces issues.

Part of keeping a healthy mouth with braces is to also use braces cleaning tools. These will help keep food from becoming trapped in your mouth.

4. Use the Mouthguard

A mouthguard does more than just protect you, it also protects your braces. When you are sleeping, playing sports, or engaged in any type of physical activity, wear your mouthpiece. Not only will it protect the braces, but it will also help keep your gums and teeth from becoming damaged.

5. Don’t Let Issues Go On

Braces are expensive, in fact, you can find out more about the total cost of braces here. If you notice anything wrong with how your braces are functioning, don’t wait. Waiting will not help, in fact, it is likely that it could increase the amount of money it will take to get your braces functioning properly again.

Mistakes With Braces Maintenance Can Be Avoided

Having braces can be a challenge, but taking care of them and getting your teeth straight can bring with it a lot of rewards. Avoid mistakes with braces maintenance and claim the smile of your dreams. With a little care and attention, there won’t be any problems.

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