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5 Common Lawn Mowing Errors and How to Avoid Them


The key to a great-looking lawn is all in the details. Or, more accurately, the key to a great-looking lawn is avoiding errors while performing your regular property mowing routine.

Everybody makes mistakes: you, your friends, and your neighbors. However, if you’re performing your yard maintenance, these errors can cost you more money and time than expected.

Between common lawn mowing errors and tips for combating them, keep reading to learn everything you need.

1. Choosing the Wrong Lawn Mower

A lousy lawn mower can make lawn mowing tedious and complex and potentially damage your lawn. Selecting a mower without enough power for the task can take longer to mow and potentially damage turf.

Buying a lawn mower without an adjustable height setting can result in scalping the lawn. Lastly, not selecting a mower that is designed for the type of lawn being mowed can cause unnecessary strain on the mower and result in poor performance.

2. Skipping Pre-Mowing Maintenance

Most people must realize how consistent maintenance tasks can help their lawnmowers run smoothly and adequately—inspecting the blade and oiling any sticking parts before starting the mower.

You can grease up any mechanisms and minimize the chances of mechanical malfunction. Additionally, it is essential to remove any debris, such as sticks and stones. That may become caught in the blade and damage the mower.

3. Over-Cutting the Grass

To prevent overcutting, one should always ensure that the lawnmower’s blades are sharp and that the grass is cut to the desired length. The edges should also be set to the appropriate height depending on the desired size of the grass.

If the grass is cut too short, it will cause damage to the turf, leading to weaker turf and bald patches. It is also important to remember the different directions for mowing, not just in straight lines, as this will help create a clean, even cut.

4. Cutting Too Much off the Top

It can lead to grass blades cutting grass short and weak, making it difficult for the grass to grow and become healthy. To avoid this mistake, mow often and slowly, taking lawn care not to cut off more than a third of the grass blade.

Start with a higher height, and as the grass gets used to the new size, lower it in quarter-inch increments until it is the desired length. Keeping the blades of grass at the right height is essential, as longer blades of grass help support a more challenging, healthier lawn.

5. Not Leveling Uneven Areas

Before beginning to even out a patchy or uneven lawn area, watering the site and using a shovel or garden rake to loosen the soil and provide a more level surface is essential.

To avoid these mistakes, allow the grass to grow longer before attempting to level it, and use a garden rake to level out uneven areas. Once the lawn has been dropped, carefully adjust the lawn mower blade height to the recommended level before mowing.

The Most Common Lawn Mowing Errors to Avoid

You regularly follow guidance on grass height, sharp mower blades, and safe techniques. It will keep your lawn healthy, attractive, and free of typical property mowing errors. To keep your yard stays in top condition, create a checklist to review before and after mowing – trust us, it will pay off in the long run.

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