5 Best Block Puzzle Apps for Cozy Game Nights

Those were the days when we enjoyed sleepovers and snacks—those days of fun and laughter got lost when we grew up and went on different tracks. Meeting even once a month can indeed be challenging but possible. So, how can you make a cozy game night with your buddies more enjoyable? Yes! You guessed it right! A lot of snacks, hot food, and a list of block puzzle games are what you need for a fun night. Sounds fun. Now, where will you get block puzzle games to play? Worry not, as these five block puzzle game apps have covered you. Forget the hassles of buying boards and blocks when you can download these games and create a competitive night of fun. Here is a list of these five apps you can download and play on a cozy game night.

Top 5 Block Puzzle Game Apps

1. MPL Block Puzzle

Mobile Premier League (MPL) has designed one of the most exciting block puzzle games by including the features of timeless classic Tetris. You can even play Block Puzzle for money in this app. A tab of blocks in different shapes appears at the bottom. At the beginning of this game, you will get three blocks to place on an empty board. Once you fit in the blocks, three new blocks will appear on the screen. Your prime aim is to keep fitting the blocks and complete horizontal and vertical lines. The scoring system of this game is quite interesting, too. You will score specific points for completing a single line. On the other hand, you will multiply your score if you complete more than one line. There is no competition here. You must keep completing lines by setting the blocks in the space until you run out of moves.

If you reach a specific score, you will receive cash rewards. This mobile app conducts daily individual contests and has no limit to participation. You can play this game for free as many times as you want and win prizes. Once your winnings reach a specific level, you can withdraw them directly to your linked account. So, download and install this app and make a cozy game night more fun with friends with block puzzle challenges.

2. Block Puzzle – Brain Test Game

Block Puzzle – Brain Test Game is another choice to spice things up on a game night. This game has unique graphics with colorful neon blocks to set on an empty board. It has a user-friendly interface, considering the features available. Like the previous one, three blocks shaped like Tetris will appear on a tab at the bottom of your mobile screen. All you have to do is place these blocks on an empty board in such a way that you can score more points.

Try completing as many lines as you can and compete with your friends. Let them try one after the other and write down the score on a card. Create a competitive environment and decide on a winner. The stunning graphical elements and sound effects make your block puzzle experience more enjoyable. This game runs endlessly. It means you keep playing if you keep clearing spaces for setting blocks. This brain teaser is what you need to make your game nights more fun. The best part is that anyone can play this game and test his problem-solving skills.

3. Jinbing Wang Block Puzzle Game

This block puzzle app is unique in terms of its features. It also uses the same logic of placing blocks on an empty board and allows players to score by completing lines. The twist lies in creating combos and using them to score more. Completing a single line will reward points, but completing more will multiply the points. This app only demands a little space on your mobile. Anyone can download and play this game to compete on a game night. You can also change the setting of the puzzle board. A 10 x 10 board is the standard choice. The simple drag-and-drop option is ideal for playing this game. This app is free to download and play this game. It continues till you have moves left. Three blocks will appear in different shapes. You must set them to save space and complete lines to score. That’s it!

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4. Block Puzzle Jewel Legend

Do you want to make solving block puzzles more engaging? Block Puzzle Jewel Legend has got you covered. This game offers attractive boards and animations where all the blocks are colorful jewels. These blocks look like stacked jewels. Beautiful animations clear the board space when you complete a line or two. Animated characters will also rejoice in your victory on the mobile screen. Keep placing the blocks and score points. This app also assists you by showing where to place the blocks. You can take these suggestions and keep on adding points to your score. Let your buddies try their hands on this app and score. Compare the scores and decide who is the winner. Let this app rule a game night.

5. Move the Block: Slide Puzzle

Move the Block – Slide Puzzle is slightly different from the above. These blocks look like wooden tiles that can be slid vertically or horizontally. Your prime aim is to get a red block to pass through the exit by sliding all the blocks away from its way. The unique feature of this game is the levels keep on becoming tougher. Every level poses challenges you must complete within limited moves to score the highest. The delicate animation of moving blocks adds aesthetics to this game. The simple UI will not tire your eyes. This game will make you and your buddies think deeply about solving every puzzle by moving blocks. Be the game night’s hero by solving this app’s most challenging block puzzle levels.

Choose a Block Puzzle App today!

Solving block puzzles also sharpens your thinking ability and reasoning skills. Elevate your mood by choosing a suitable block puzzle game for a cozy game night. Let your friends compete and enjoy. Such games help you to make your bonds stronger and your mind sharper. Download an app today and challenge your peeps.

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