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5 Benefits Of Bio-Stimulants For Your Lawn

Weather conditions, especially the dry season, can make it difficult for your grass to grow, affecting your dream of having a golf course lawn. While the weather is a key factor in your lawn’s health and beauty, healthy soil is mandatory, and the secret to this is having lawn bio-stimulants.

Lawn bio-stimulants supply your grass with the ingredients it needs to reach its full potential. The ingredients in bio-stimulants improve nutrient uptake and utilization. Bio-stimulants are also environmentally friendly; using them will reduce your overall use of fertilizers for healthier soil.

Read on for five benefits of bio-stimulants such as Mirimichi green for your lawn.

1. Help In The Utilization Of Nutrients

Like vitamins and supplements in the human body, bio-stimulants help your lawn utilize the nutrients present in the soil. While you boost your soil fertility through fertilizers, bio-stimulants like Mirimichi green will help in the uptake of the nutrients for use in processes like photosynthesis. Therefore, fertilizers will replenish the nutrients in the soil, while bio-stimulants will aid the uptake of these nutrients by the plant.

2. Improved Soil Texture

While fertilizers have an application schedule, Bio-stimulants do not. However, applying a bio-stimulant to your lawn during spring in preparation for summer is crucial, as the dry seasons cause patches and fertility issues. Applying bio-stimulants like mirimichi green will reduce soil compaction and improve soil texture. The roots can penetrate deeper into the soil for stronger grass. Deep-seated roots also mean quick green-up recovery in case of stressed lawns due to the dry weather and other factors. Bio-stimulants also increase soil microbial activity, especially during spring, further boosting the soil structure.

3. Promote Plant Growth

Bio-stimulants help with plant growth and build their tolerance against environmental stressors. Abiotic stressors are a common concern in modern times and include:

  • Salinity
  • Soil compaction
  • Flooding
  • Drought
  • Extreme temperatures

To prevent losses from environmental factors, bio-stimulants modify the grass’s physiological processes, such as nutrient intake, and optimize their growth. Bio-stimulants also contain various ingredients targeting chlorophyll production, germination, and root development, ensuring healthy plant growth.

4. Promote Sustainable Lawn Care With Mirimichi Green Bio-Stimulant

Given their roles in plant nutrient uptake and utilization, bio-stimulants like Mirimichi green reduce the need for pesticides and fertilizers unless mandatory. Your grass will remain healthy most of the time, and if you notice a deterioration, consider a soil test first to establish whether it is time to apply fertilizer. By limiting your agrochemical use, your overall lawn care costs will also go down.

5. Improve Your Lawn Disease Resistance

Lastly, bio-stimulants will boost your lawn’s disease resistance. By enabling the intake and utilization of nutrients, you will have a healthy lawn, which means more resistance to disease attacks.

Bio-Stimulants For Your Lawn

Bio-stimulants serve as supplements for your lawn courtesy of their ingredients which stimulate and encourage plant growth. Applying bio-stimulants on your lawn will also enhance nutrient uptake and utilization and increase plant tolerance to abiotic factors for healthy grass. Lastly, using bio-stimulants is cost-efficient as it reduces your use of lawn pesticides and fertilizers and pesticides.

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