4 Ways of How to Deal With Tax Issues for Your Business

It is too easy to fall behind on your taxes or run into roadblocks that prevent you from paying them. There is evidence of that in the fact that there was more than $114 billion in unpaid owed tax in 2020. The last thing you want is to become part of that statistic, but how do you avoid it?

We’re here to try and help you stay out of hot water with the taxman. Let’s see if we can figure out a few ways to turn those tax issues into non-issues.

1. Make It a Family Business

Some people say that you should never mix family and business, but those people weren’t aware of the tax benefits. Much of this following advice will depend on how your business is structured. It could be an enormous relief for your tax troubles, though.

If you hire a family member, there are some cases where a portion of your income will be immune to taxation. In the case of making your children a part of the business, there are even more tax exemptions. Do a little bit of research on the laws regarding this where you live, as each place will have different rules surrounding this.

2. Healthcare Costs

Healthcare continually becomes more expensive, which offers the opportunity for savvy business owners to reduce their taxes. Depending on your location and business, you may be able to open a Health Savings Account.

An HSA will allow you to save money in preparation for any unforeseen medical issues, so it’s a double bonus for you and your business. Reducing costs this way is one of the more manageable strategies to reduce your tax.

3. Tax Relief

If you do a lot of traveling for business reasons, for example. You can deduct all of your travel costs from your taxes. If you travel a lot, that’s a huge potential chunk of tax. Dealing with tax issues is often a game of knowing where you can cut corners, and there’s always more to learn.


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4. Get the Best Advice Available

If you have always done your business books, you might wonder why you need an accountant. That might be true if your idea of an accountant is somebody that prepares a yearly statement and does your tax return for you. An accountant can offer so much more to a business, though.

A skilled accountant can track and record all of the money coming in and out of your business. The value there is that they will also be able to pinpoint the exact places where money is lost. Understanding these things is vital if you have cash flow problems.

Missing cash doesn’t mean there was excess spending in one place, either. It can also be a tax relief or business credit that you missed.

Even if you don’t need an accountant, you might need some help with another financial issue. If you find yourself in need of that expert advice, consider a service like They can help you with redundancy pay entitlement, statutory entitlements, and other financial issues.

Lead a Life Free of Tax Issues

There’s nothing worse than having the taxman breathing down your neck. Try to implement some of these ideas if you’re having trouble alleviating your tax issues. They aren’t the only strategies you can try if you still find yourself stuck.

We cover business and economics as a regular feature on our blog. Take a browse through our articles and see if there’s any other advice you can glean.

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