3 Ways Custom Gift Boxes help Better Market your Product & Brand

Being a physical product retailer, how much thought you have put into your packaging? Do you simply consider it a container—just there to encase and ship your product safely to the end-user? Or do you see it as an integral part of your marketing mix that makes it pop in an overcrowded retail environment?

Do you treat is as a silent sales team? If not, it’s time to go back over and rethink why established brands aggressively invest in packaging. Your products are sold in-store, this bounds you to leverage attention-grabbing packaging such as custom gift boxes to appeal to the potential buyers. At the same time, it should provide them all the essential information about the product. So your ideal customers can quickly reach a decision and make the purchase without considering competing products in the aisle.

In case you are an online merchandiser, custom printed gift boxes will help connect the brand with your target audience. This means packaging gives you the perfect opportunity to fuel your business growth by improving your marketing strategy and encouraging more sales.

So how on earth can you do that without spending a fortune? With these surefire ways, your brand can redefine what it means to get off the beaten track.

1. Makes your Brand Social Media Worthy

Creating an outside the box packaging that stands out from the rivaling products can automatically encourage your customers to promote your product and packaging naturally through various social media channels and blogs. For instance, if an online retailer of luxury beauty products leverages custom gift boxes, it’ll make their customers feel as if their parcel is a present.

This will persuade them to share their experience with their social networks by making an unboxing boxing video or sharing the pictures of your boxes.

By the same token, when your excellent product arrives in a sleek and slime-line box which portrays ethical standards, end users will feel proud to share them with their friends, family members, and loved ones.

2. Help Promote your Eco-Friendly Business

Most eco-friendly businesses fail to promote the greener aspect of their brand. As a result, they fail to target the customers who are willing to pay more for eco-conscious brands. So worth using biodegradable or recyclable packaging materials to carve your custom gift boxes that unlocks your identity and champion your cause effectively.

Not only it’s an excellent way to grow your customer base by attracting people who strongly oppose plastic and other types of packaging waste, but it’s also a smart move to convince your audience to share their orders with their connections.

For example, reusable box stuffing can keep your product safe, but make sure the shredded materials are enticing enough for social sharing. And if your brand is active on social networks, you can win more customers by liking, replying, and reposting such endorsements.

3. Custom Gift Boxes Saves you Time & Money

For mail orders, use gift boxes printing supplies. This will help you reduce or completely evade the promotional packaging inserts. For example, you can get little creative and print key USPs of your product directly on the inner side of the packages. Space can also be used to print your web address.

A quick search over the internet will reveal to you that many smart brands are printing discount codes on the inside of their boxes. These increase repeat purchases as you can run an exclusive competition and bond entrants to share the image of their order in order to win the prize.

Cheryl Henson

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