3 Reasons Why Traditional Watches Are Still In Style

Since the availability of smartwatches is more abundant than ever, the traditional watch finally has a competitor. However, people are questioning whether it is still worth getting a traditional watch. Due to its successor containing more features and improved quality-of-life, they may likely get this product. Fortunately, there are still advantages to owning a traditional watch.

On the other hand, traditional watches were already available since the 1970s. The craftsmen behind the timepieces have been perfecting their skills, which shows in the watch. When you have one in your collection, it shows that you are supporting human-made skills. Check out these reasons why traditional watches are still worth getting!

1. Durability

One of the biggest reasons why people prefer traditional watches is their durability. Watches like the Seiko Astron contain high-quality materials, and it lasts after long periods of wear and tear. It is standard practice in all products that it should be durable. If you have a timepiece in your collection, expect it to last more than a lifetime. As a result, people can pass this on to the next generation.

Almost every traditional watch you can think of follows precise specifications and craftsmanship. It also fits into the kind of lifestyle you have. Dive watches, field watches, dress watches, and more timepieces have the finest materials inside. With proper care, durability becomes a defining feature. It is also why you get certifications from the manufacturer that it complies with high-quality standards.

2. Timeless Style

Traditional watches come in a variety of styles. Some of which are only available for a specific time period. You can have a watch with a leather or stainless steel strap or design from a limited edition model. One perk is that all designs never go out of style. This is the reason why some timepieces are best worn during special occasions.

If you have one, you can sell it for a higher price to a trustworthy watch buyer near you because some watch collectors want to get the timepiece. It is because craftsmen create commemorative watches only for specific occasions. Therefore, the style transcends many generations.

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3. Long Battery Life

With traditional watches relying on a dedicated battery, it does not need further maintenance. In addition, some traditional watches do not need batteries, depending on the movement. As long as the gears are still shifting, it will still work. The battery life of a typical traditional watch can last for 72 hours. If it stops working, you can replace it with a new one from the watch store.

However, not all traditional watches follow the same procedures. For example, a number of mechanical watches rely on the wounding feature so the watch can work. If it is not wounded regularly, the watch can stop working. Therefore, proper maintenance of the watch is key to a long battery life.

Wrapping Up

Traditional watches have their perks only found in these timepieces. You get durability, timeless style, and get long battery life. Each traditional watch is carefully crafted with care, and it can extend its lifespan. In the end, having one in your collection shows that you support human-made craftsmanship.

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