Yoga: A Regimen to Health & Happiness

Yoga’s mental and physical benefits have been touted by yoga experts at Fitlov for a long time. Surprisingly, you don’t have to be an expert to reap the benefits; simply incorporating a few poses into your daily routine will support your wellbeing in many ways.

Physically,  yoga helps improve flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance “And from a psychological point of view, yoga can help you alleviate stress and anxiety symptoms”.

Many people are inclining more towards yoga, and the benefits discussed below explain why.

1. Yoga improves flexibility

Our flexibility generally declines as we age, resulting in pain and immobility. Practicing yoga regularly can help reserve this process by increasing the flexibility of your hamstrings, back, elbows, and hips.Yoga postures and sequences make you move and stretch in new ways, bringing a greater range of motion to tight areas, without causing injuries.

2. Relieving stress

Yoga is known for reducing stress levels and achieving emotional balance. It brings calmness to the mind by focusing intently on your body movements, and by incorporating meditation techniques.

3. Improving sleep quality

Yoga can help you sleep better by enhancing the secretion of melatonin, and reducing the severity of all common causes of sleep deprivation as depression, anxiety, stress, and chronic pain.

4. Yoga improves breathing

Yoga breathing techniques are highly effective in restoring balance and vitality to the body and mind. It helps regulate breathing, elevate energy levels, reduce the stress hormone and relax the muscles.

5. Yoga is an excellent way to practice mindfulness

Yoga helps you focus on the present moment by paying attention to your mind, body, and breath. Mindfulness is beneficial for mental health, the immune system and can help you establish good habits like mindful eating.

6. Increasing physical strength

There are certain yoga poses that are designed to increase your strength, endurance and tone your muscles, especially when added to a regular exercise program.

7. Yoga improves your posture

Yoga improves body posture by strengthening the back muscles, stretching out the chest, and increasing body awareness. It also helps achieve muscular balance by strengthening weak areas and stretching tight areas.

8. Yoga encourages the body’s natural healing process

Given the right circumstances, the body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself. Practicing yoga can be an excellent way to create an atmosphere that enables the body’s natural healing ability to function.

Yoga is an ancient practice that unites the mind and body. Practicing yoga puts you in a state of peace and harmony which enhances both mental and physical health. However, if combined with a workout routine, it can prove to be beneficial. Keep in mind that yoga is an on-going process. The more you understand and master your yoga practice, the more apparent are its benefits. So practice, practice, practice!

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