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Winter Heating? Time To Go Bioethanol

In the winter, you may want to snuggle down under a blanket and drink hot chocolate and watch Netflix in front of a cozy fire. Nothing beats the atmosphere of the glowing warmth of a fireplace on a cold, rainy day. Of course, a lot of work and mess comes along with it: chopping wood, kindling, starting the fire, keeping it going and cleaning up the ash. Or you can install a bioethanol fireplace that you can turn on and off and produces no smoke or ash whatsoever.


Bio ethanol, made from agricultural raw materials, where ethanol is an ethyl alcohol which acts as fuel for our Bioethanol fireplace.


A few years back, most of the people prefer to use a wood fireplace. It consumes some manual work and exhibits ashes and smoke. Similarly, electric fireplaces have a few cons. Unlike above mentioned fireplaces, the bioethanol fireplace stands unique among them. Bioethanol fuel is pollution free and cost effective. This fireplace is composed of microprocessors and sensors which helps us to automate a process like on/off using remote or smartphone. But we have to handle cautiously. Now it is used by many people across the world.


1, No electricity required.

2, Even if you installed in more than one room, you can easily manage via central heating system, where once you switched on or off, every room adapts the command.

3, Low maintenance with proper inspection.

4, No smoke or ash residue left.

5, Some models are portable.

6, Pollution free and eco-friendly.

7, Each model has a unique design, which gives a modern look.



– Automatic Fireplace:

1, In this type of fireplace, there is no direct contact between the fuel and fire which ensures safety.

2, It has a microprocessor and essential sensors, which helps us to control over remote and smartphone like switching it on or off.

– Manual Fireplace:

1, It has direct contact between fuel and fire which should be handled carefully.

2, No microprocessor or sensor available. Everything should be handled manually.


For Indoors

– Wall-mounted:

The installation process is very easy. It will be helpful, if you have less space and want to be untouchable from kids and pets.

– Traditional type:

Looks have similarity of wooden fireplace. But it doesn’t produce smoke or ash. It’s modern design and portability, produces efficient heat.

For Outdoors

– Freestanding:

It is 100% portable and doesn’t need standard connections. You can use it on the floor or any flat surface. It can be also used indoors, thanks to its portability.

– Tabletop:

It is a simple fireplace that can be placed on the table as the name suggests. It can also be used indoors. It is a great alternative for candles which enhances your romantic dinner party as it have a beautiful outlook. As compared to other fireplaces, this model is relatively smaller in size which is easy to use and won’t mess with you. It is made up of tempered glasses for protection to make it sturdy.

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