Why Socializing at Work is Important and How to Facilitate it

If you are an employer that thinks employees should be quiet, concentrating on their work and socializing in their own time, it might be time to change your view. Socializing is extremely important to work culture, but also critical to work performance too!

This piece will discuss why socializing at work needs to be a priority, how you can facilitate that, and how it can benefit your business.

Mental Health

Employees are not robots. People need to form connections and relieve stress, and who better to do that with than those they can relate to! Not everyone can become best friends with their colleagues, but if they get lucky, they could make some great friends which can make work days far more tolerable than if they feel lonely, stressed, or uncomfortable. This should not be saved for Friday evening drinks – though that definitely should be encouraged. A bit of chat in the office is healthy, and if it is frowned upon, people will still find a way anyway. This is why the water cooler is so popular! As long as it does not affect employees work performance, encourage some gentle chat or regular breaks throughout the day, and enjoy the refreshed approach to work after!


Colleagues on average spend more time with their work colleagues than their family, especially if they work over a 9-5 job, or 40 hours a week. Having time to bond with colleagues is crucial for cohesiveness in the workplace, but also having someone to talk to during these long periods of work time is important for collaborating, creating social connection, and bonding. Employers can also benefit from having a social office, especially if the business invest in something such as Simpplr, which can offer social channels within a workplace intranet. This means your colleagues can bond, chat about work, but the employer can also gather necessary data to make the work place a better place for everyone.

If you have not tried this kind of software, then Simpplr also offer a free demo, so you can see for yourself how it can benefit your business without having to pay anything first!

Improved Teamwork

Many of us have been in a place where we have had to stand up, say our name, and tell a little fact about ourselves; usually that proceeds with plenty of social time for bonding. At work, you can often be put in a brand-new office with an email of a seating plan and left to get on with it. While many might be grateful for getting to miss the awkward fact out, it does make breaking the ice a lot more difficult. The more that employees get to know each other, the more they start to look out for each other. Teamwork becomes a happy obligation rather than something that is dreaded, and collaborative work becomes much smoother. This is both pleasant and encouraging for employees as well as the employers.

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