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Why Choose a Floor-Mounted Air Conditioner?

There are so many air conditioning options to choose from that it can be hard to pick one. Floor-standing AC units help keep both your residential spaces as well as commercial establishments like offices, gyms, and restaurants at the most suitable temperature.

What is a Floor Standing AC Unit?

This is a type of air conditioning system where the indoor unit is floor-mounted. This system is like a traditional split wall-mounted system. However, what makes these units better is that you can easily position them anywhere in a room according to the available space. Just like a regular split AC system, they have outdoor units which work in a similar way to wall-mounted AC systems. Floor-standing AC units can come both with an inverter or without.

How Does a Floor-Standing AC Unit Work?

Like other split AC systems, a floor-mounted air conditioner comes with a turbofan, a dust particle filtration feature, a compressor for heating and cooling, and a refrigerant. They also have vents for cold air flow, auto-swing louvres to control the cooling direction, and a powerful cooling jet. Cooling takes place by circulating a refrigerant throughout the unit which starts an evaporation/condensation cycle as the refrigerant changes from liquid to gas. In the evaporation phase of the cycle, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the room which is released as condensation thus cooling your room. A remote-control unit allows you to adjust the settings to suit your temperature requirements.

Which Rooms Are Suitable for Floor-Standing AC Units?

These units are most effective in rooms larger than 30m2. So, they are mostly used in commercial spaces such as hotels, offices, and gyms. However, you can also use them in open-plan living areas where a small wall-mounted unit isn’t adequate. Floor-standing units have a high cooling capacity, so they are best suited to larger spaces.

Do floor-standing ACs Include an Outdoor Unit?

Floor-mounted AC units are very much like other split air conditioning units, as they cannot work without an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit includes a condenser coil, a compressor, and a fan. This unit circulates refrigerant to and from the indoor unit. It also disperses the heat from inside your house.

Advantages of Installing a Floor Standing AC System.

A floor-standing AC unit has several advantages over a wall-mounted AC system. Their attractive design and wide range of colour options make them suitable both for luxury offices and hotel interiors as well as for residential spaces like living rooms. They are equipped with refrigerant leakage protection and temperature detection technology. These advanced controls help reduce energy consumption and lower energy costs. They have a high cooling capacity which is designed to cool large rooms, and which helps you achieve your desired temperature quickly. The installation of a floor-standing unit is not that complicated, and they can be placed just about anywhere inside a room. Unlike a wall-mounted unit, the indoor unit of a floor-standing system is very easy to access for maintenance and cleaning.

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